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Secondary Tuition

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At SGEducators, classes are open for students either at the Lower or Upper Secondary levels. There are three key branches of what’s taught at the centre or online, namely Secondary Math, Science, Language and Humanities Tuition.

Subjects Offered

A well-structured format of study.

The following three groups of tuition programmes are suitable for the lower and upper secondary level students.

For Lower Secondary Tuition, it is a preparatory phase as students develop the foundational knowledge and skills before specialising in the Science or Arts Stream. For Upper Secondary Tuition, classes are focused on the retention and application of skills to get ready for the GCE O and N Level examinations.

Secondary Math Tuition

Secondary 1 and 2 students will undergo a transition level of study, covering new topics beyond the Primary level.

Secondary 3 to 5 students can join the A and E Math Tuition to derive a productive way to revise key topics and be ready for the major assessments.

Secondary Science Tuition

The Lower Secondary level students are to cover a broad base of the Science subject, examining themes like the Diversity of Matter and Transfer of Heat Energy.

In contrast, the Upper Secondary level students will be taught the examinable topics in Chemistry, Physics or Biology, depending on their subject combination.

English Language and Humanities Tuition

For Secondary English Tuition, we impart students with the skills of reading, comprehension and language expression. These skills are cultivated through frequent discussions and guided practices.

For Humanities Tuition, particularly at the Upper Secondary level, we explore fascinating topics in Geography, History and Social Studies.

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