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Justin Ng, English and Humanities Tutor

Justin, an NUS graduate with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics (Honours), has 8 years of teaching experience. He specialises in Secondary English and Humanities, including Social Studies, History, and Geography, and also teaches A Level History. Justin employs an easy-to-follow learning method that enables students to effectively organise and articulate their thoughts in written form. His teaching approach includes real-life examples from the past and present, allowing students to connect with concepts that may seem abstract and distant.

Jonathan Ng, Mathematics and Science Tutor

Jonathan brings over 10 years of tutoring experience, specialising in Secondary Mathematics and Sciences. He's passionate about guiding students of varying abilities to improve in the subjects. Jonathan adapts his teaching to suit the way each student learns best, aiming to make Mathematics and Science understandable and enjoyable, not just about memorising steps and formulas. Jonathan believes in learning beyond the classroom, teaching and sharing life lessons which are beneficial to students in future endeavours.

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