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SGEducators, Singapore

Embark on Our Aspired Learning Journey

With SGEducators, we aspire to be the education community that will nurture students in Singapore and this region to be the passionate and intelligent learners who see learning as a joyful, fulfilling and enriching journey. In our education community, we bring together educators, institutions, parents, students and support groups to enrich their learning experiences. Our SGEducators Education Hub will be the guiding partner of the learners of today and tomorrow.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Enrich Your Learning

Enrich Your Learning

We want to shape the learning journey of our learners to make it a fruitful, enriching and enjoyable process. In this learning journey that we embark with our learners, we provide more ideas and opportunities for learning to shape them to be the smart learners, happy learners, character learners and ethical learners we aspire for them to be.
SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Enrich Your Learning
SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Educate Savvy and Competent Learner

Educate Savvy and Competent Learner

It is our aspiration to cultivate smart learners of the future who learn efficiently, effectively and effortlessly as they are imbued with the best techniques on how they can learn, acquire the skills, enrich their knowledge, reflect their learning and apply their learning for the betterment of their lives and the society.
SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Develop the passion to enjoy learning

Develop the passion to enjoy learning

It is also our belief that learning is a joyful and meaningful process which will enrich our children and youths to become keen, passionate and happy learners who appreciate the true meaning of learning, seeing learning as an interesting journey to embark. At SGEducators, learners will treasure learning and value the knowledge they acquire and the acumen for application of knowledge in their lives.
SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Cultivate resilience and perseverance for learning journey

Cultivate resilience and perseverance for learning journey

We also share the vision to build the characters of our learners to be resilient, determined and disciplined to prepare them for the challenges in their academic and professional career. As learning is not an easy and non-frictional process, the right mindset and positive attitude are essential to groom our learners to be persistent in their perpetual pursuit for knowledge.
SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Shaping ethical learners

Shaping ethical learners who make tomorrow better than today

Most of all, we seek to to nurture the ethical learners who are empathetic, compassionate, helpful and moral, the contributing members of the society. Our noble and true aim is to groom the learner of the globalized and future world who will make the world a better and meaningful place to live.
SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Shaping ethical learners

The SGEducators Smart Learners Club

Be rewarded as members

Be part of the SGEducators Smart Learners Club! As members of SGEducators, you can enjoy benefits, like free trial class enrolment, receive giveaways, and partake in enriching educational events! Also, receive updates on the latest happenings in Singapore relating to study matters and other issues via our newsletter subscription. We value every member’s contribution to realise the common aspiration of cultivating the future generations of tech-savvy and smart learners. Bring your parents along, and join us on this educational journey!
SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners - Free Trial Classes


Join free trial classes organized by our partner primary, secondary and JC tuition centres featured at SGEducators. Trial classes are beneficial for students as they can experience innovative and engaging forms of learning. Parents can use these timely opportunities to determine the suitability of classes for their children.

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Members can participate in lucky draws that feature a range of prizes to be won. SGEducators organize these giveaways on specific occasions to promote active engagement amongst students, parents and educators. We believe that every role is crucial as the contributions will raise the quality of learning in myriad ways, such as teaching methods.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Events for Students and Family


Receive updates and invitations to SGEducators events that feature exciting activities, workshops and talks to bring together students, parents, and educators that hold similar aspirations in shaping the 21st Century educational landscape of Singapore.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners - Competitions


Take part in competitions on our Facebook and website and win attractive prizes! These competitions promote the spirit of learning and pursuit of knowledge in myriad ways. Parents and educators may also take part in these competitions to share their experience in nurturing their child.

eLearning Portals

Access our integrated eLearning network 

SGEducators is established with the amalgamation of eLearning portals that are organized by levels, regions, and subjects. Students from different levels, namely primary, secondary and JC, can navigate their way around the relevant portals and obtain the essential education-related information. Also, these portals offer a broad set of learning resources to augment the learning methods of students, enabling them to synergize their knoweldge to exam-based questions.

Primary Tuition

Establish a solid and stable foundation

At the formative years, students undergo primary school education that focuses on the development of basic knowledge and skills. The featured tuition centres of SGEducators provide primary English, Math, and Science tuition programmes to raise the competency level of students, thus enabling them to excel at the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

Secondary Tuition

Ignite the passion to learn and explore

Following the advancement from primary to secondary education, the scope of learning broadens as students explore new subjects. Although students revisit subjects like English and Math, the depth of learning is greater. The centres conduct secondary tuition classes for English, Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics to prepare students for the O Level examination.

JC Tuition

Prepare for real world challenges

At the final stretch of the 3-stage education path, JC students are in the transition phase for tertiary education and career advancement. The educational development is more focused on the cultivation of critical thinking and problem solving skills to prepare students for the real world challenges. Students can enrol in the featured centres that offer GP, Economics, JC Math, Chemistry, and History tuition classes to be ready for the A Level examination.

Education Guide

Read latest news, expert views, and study tips

The SGEducators Education Guide covers breaking news and top stories relating to educational matters, seen in terms of three columns: education news, exam skills and study tips. Learn how you can fulfil your academic aspirations in effective ways!
SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners - Watch out for updates

Education News

The Education News column articles cover a broad range of much-debated on topics, like the importance of enrichment classes and major exams. These educational articles will be helpful to students and parents to get a comprehensive coverage of recent issues.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners - Examination Skills

Exam Skills

Under Exam Skills column, students can delve into the intricacies of the subject requirements, such as the exam trends and learning content updates. The mastery of a subject at the primary, secondary or JC level require extensive comprehension of the topics and the knack for question application.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners - Study Tips

Study Tips

The Study Tips column examines general education matters, namely time and stress management skills, goal setting and study habits. The consideration of these aspects is important for students to prepare themselves mentally for the rigorous examinations at the primary, secondary and JC levels.