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Term 1 2019

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Term 1 2019

Get started in this exciting year of learning

Join our Term 1 2019 Programmes to optimise your revision efforts as you gear up for the school examinations. We offer primary, secondary and JC tuition classes at our Bedok tuition centre to enrich your learning experience. Be inspired by our passionate tutors, who will show you how to approach each topic interestingly and effectively. By attending our programme, you will acquire essential knowledge and develop exam-driven skills to ace the examinations. Don’t wait. View our schedule and register now! For more information, please call 9117 4077.

JC 1 and JC 2 Economics and GP Tuition

Call Simon @ 9689 0510 to register now!

Join our JC 1 and JC 2 Economics Tuition classes to get ready for Term 1 2019. We focus on content revision and skills development for essay writing and case study answering.

Register for our JC 1 and JC 2 GP Tuition programmes for Term 1 2019. Our classes feature thematic discussion and skills development for GP essay writing and comprehension answering.

JC 1 and JC 2 History Tuition

Call Justin @ 9658 5789 to join now!

Sign up for our JC 1 and JC 2 History Tuition for Term 1 2019. Prepare for the A Level examinations by attending our topical re-teaching and tutorials that provide the essential content coverage and skills based application for SBQ and essay writing. We will be revising Year 1 topics, like Approaches to Governance, Approaches to National Unity and Cold War. Also, our tuition programme will be covering new topics, such as the United Nations.

Why Join Us

How we educate your child

What sets us apart from the education centres is our five major areas of focus that will shape your child to become a passionate and keen learner, innovative and creative thinker, confident and expressive speaker, competent and skilful writer, academic and life achiever.

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Primary Tuition

Establish a solid and stable foundation

At the early stages of education, our primary English, Math and Science tuition at Bedok and Tampines will focus on the development of fundamental knowledge and skills acquisition. Under the close supervision of our tutors, we will raise the competency level of your child to ace the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

Secondary Tuition

Ignite the passion to learn and explore

Following the transition into secondary level education, SGEducators will broaden the scope of learning for lower and upper secondary students. For lower secondary students, we offer secondary English, Math, Science and Humanities tuition at Bedok and Tampines. For upper secondary students, we conduct secondary English, A and E Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Economics tuition. Our comprehensive teaching programmes will prepare your child thoroughly for the O Level examinations.

JC Tuition

Prepare for real world challenges

At the final stretch of the 3-stage education journey, SGEducators will prepare your child for tertiary education and career advancement. Our JC tuition for JC1 and JC2 students emphasise on the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills to prepare your child for the real world challenges. We provide GP, Economics, JC Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and History tuition at Tampines and Bedok.

eLearning Portals

Access our integrated eLearning network 

SGEducators is established with the amalgamation of eLearning portals that are organized by levels, regions, and subjects. Students from different levels, namely primary, secondary and JC, can navigate their way around the relevant portals and obtain the essential education-related information. Also, these portals offer a broad set of learning resources to augment the learning methods of students, enabling them to synergize their knoweldge to exam-based questions.

Education Guide

Read latest news, expert views, and study tips

The SGEducators Education Guide covers breaking news and top stories relating to educational matters, seen in terms of three columns: education news, exam skills and study tips. Learn how you can fulfil your academic aspirations in effective ways!

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Education News

The Education News column articles cover a broad range of much-debated on topics, like the importance of enrichment classes and major exams. These educational articles will be helpful to students and parents to get a comprehensive coverage of recent issues.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners - Examination Skills

Exam Skills

Under Exam Skills column, students can delve into the intricacies of the subject requirements, such as the exam trends and learning content updates. The mastery of a subject at the primary, secondary or JC level require extensive comprehension of the topics and the knack for question application.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners - Study Tips

Study Tips

The Study Tips column examines general education matters, namely time and stress management skills, goal setting and study habits. The consideration of these aspects is important for students to prepare themselves mentally for the rigorous examinations at the primary, secondary and JC levels.

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