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Are you looking for a consistent and reliable way to aid your child in overcoming his/her study-related challenges? Is your child struggling to cope with the pace of teaching at school?

SGEducators provides Primary and Secondary Tuition classes to address such concerns for you. We have two types of classes, depending on the time of the year.

Regular Tuition

During the school term, we have weekly classes to monitor the progress of every student. These classes cover the topics that are and will be taught at school. These lessons will build up a strong foundation for your child.

Revision Classes

During the school holiday in March, June, September and December, classes are more focused on content recap to iron out the issues encountered in specific topics. Lessons are more focused on exam preparation.

Schedule for Regular Tuition

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These lessons in the primary and secondary levels are conducted weekly. Classes will either be done at the tuition centre in Bedok or online.
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Note to all who sign up for the tuition:
  1. There is a choice for physical or online lessons.
  2. Fee payment is to be made at the start of the first lesson of every 4 lessons.
  3. Mode of payments accepted: Cash, PayLah! or PayNow.
  4. Call us @ 8929 2422 if you have any queries.

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Call 8929 2422 to find out more about the class schedule.

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