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How can I learn effectively in online classes?

10 May 2024, by Justin Ng

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the education landscape has evolved. It has become a norm for students in Singapore to participate in online lessons. Even the Ministry of Education (MOE) has recognised the relevance of home-based learning (HBL) as an approach to 'complement, and not substitute, in-school learning'.

Let's take a look at some useful tips on how students can learn to study effectively in online classes.

1. Maintain a conducive learning environment

Who likes a disorganised room? One priority to make learning fuss-free is to upkeep a neat and tidy study space. Assuming that the student in question (you or your child) is attempting online learning from home, it is important to organise study materials in separate files. Also, keep the room free of distraction. By doing so, the individual can then immerse himself/herself in the learning experience. The key word is 'focus'.

2. Set a study schedule

Outside school, a weekly planner is vital to ensure that the student is aware of the priorities for each day. Break up the day into 1-hour or 2-hour blocks. Set aside time to attempt online learning for at least 1-2 hours. By having a weekly schedule, it is a much more manageable way to create a study routine and still have enough time for rest.

Example of a weekday schedule
4pm-5pm Complete English homework
5pm-6pm Complete Science homework
6pm-7pm Dinner
7pm-8pm Revise Mathematics (online)
8pm-9pm Revise Mathematics (online)
9pm onwards Rest/Sleep

3. Set clear priorities between recreation and online learning

One of the biggest gripes that teachers and parents may have with online learning is that students tend to be distracted by allures of social media, video streaming and virtual games. As such, students are encouraged to cultivate self-discipline to limit time for such recreational activities after the essential tasks have been completed. While it is important to study regularly, including sessions that involve online learning, students should also be rewarded for their hard work.

In a nutshell, online learning can be an effective means to enhance the student's study experience. Yet, there are challenges to anticipate and overcome. With a conducive learning environment, organised study schedule and balanced priorities, students are likely to achieve their goals in no time.

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