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Tuition in Singapore

Enrich and excite your learning

Our tuition programmes are designed with the student’s needs in mind and are conducted by reputable and experienced tutors. We offer tuition programmes that cater to all levels, Primary, Secondary and JC. Each tuition programme is tailored to suit the various learning styles of students so that they will be able to learn at an optimal pace. Aside from regular tuition classes, our various tuition programmes incorporate activities and event on top of our regular lessons. Such activities include, group projects and discussions, workshops, seminars and even learning journeys. We believe that the tuition programmes conducted will be able to diversify learning so as to enrich and excite students throughout their learning.

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Attain exceptional grades at the PSLE when you attend our primary school tuition programmes. Our primary tuition programmes include subjects such as english, math and science that will help your child attain academic proficiency.

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Ace the O Level examinations by attending the secondary tuition programmes that are offered at the centres, like English and Mathematics. Students will trained to observe the key nuances of questions and answer them well.

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Master the A Level subjects with the JC tuition classes that feature a wide range of subjects, like General Paper, Economics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and History. Students will develop and hone their critical thinking skills.

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Trial Classes

Undergo a whole new experience of learning with the free trial classes conducted at the tuition centres. Students and parents can consult the tutors to get a better feel of what to expect in the study curriculum.

Primary Tuition Programmes

Shaping the impetus to learn

At the start of the educational journey, students that join the primary tuition programmes will be introduced to the basics of English, Math, and Science. By tapping on the inquisitive nature of students, tutors will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and ideas to kindle their burning passion to learn and explore fearlessly.

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Pri English Tuition

During primary English tuition, students will learn the basics of the english language and will be taught on how to expand and strengthen their foundations in grammar and vocabulary.

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Pri Math Tuition

Primary math tuition exposes students to the various mathematical concepts and formulae at the primary level. Tutors will help students gain proficiency in the subject through constant practice and guidance.

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Pri Science Tuition

The primary Science tuition classes will involve topical revision that cover the important areas, like classification of living and non-living things, the life cycles of plants and animals, and the respiratory system of humans.

Secondary Tuition Programmes

Learning to appreciate the diversity of knowledge

At the intermediate level, students will sharpen their precision of answers at the secondary tuition classes. The class activities will engage students to think actively and write concisely. Also, students will develop skills competency to tackle challenging questions that are commonly set for the O Level examinations.

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Sec English Tuition

The study of English at the secondary level offers a broader coverage to build depth in the language proficiency, seen in terms of the question types, like situational writing, composition writing, and comprehension with summary.

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Sec Math Tuition

Students will explore different A and E Math chapters that are organized into specific themes, like Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, to build up the skills of systematic thinking and spatial visualization.

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Lower Sec Science Tuition

Lower secondary science tuition aims to instil in students the essential investigative skills, like observation and hypothesis setting. The tutors will engage students through experiment setups to pique their interest.

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Sec Physics Tuition

Students who enrol into our physics tuition will be taught by experienced tutors who will help them navigate their way through the world of physics while at the same time helping them gain valuable insights into the laws and formulae.

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Sec Chemistry Tuition

The secondary chemistry tuition programmes will equip students with the skills of observation and analysis so that they can tackle chemistry-related higher order thinking questions proficiently and confidently.

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Sec Economics Tuition

The secondary economics tuition introduces the concepts of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, like opportunity cost and economic growth, to help students to understand how choices are made at the different levels.

JC Tuition Programmes

Attain mental resilience and skills proficiency

At the apex of the 12-year education route set by the Education Ministry, students will study A Level subjects whilst under the guidance of JC tutors. In addition to the knowledge acquired from the subjects, like General Paper, students will strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills to be ready for the future challenges in the working world.

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JC GP Tuition

The study of General Paper involves the examination of key issues that are widely discussed by the public and professionals, such as environmentalism and the ethical consequences arising from scientific discoveries.

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JC Economics Tuition

The economics tuition classes will raise the students’ understanding of issues, like the recent global recession and the adverse effects of inflation. Students will identify the contributing factors and analyze the significance of impacts.

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JC Math Tuition

Students undergoing JC math tuition will learn key concepts in the fields of pure mathematics as well as statistics and probability. Through rigorous practice and teaching sessions, students will become well seasoned to score in the paper.

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JC Chemistry Tuition

The JC Chemistry tuition programmes will introduce to students topics, like reaction kinetics, stoichiometry, and organic chemistry. The classes are geared towards the expansion of knowledge and skills development.

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JC History Tuition

Learning History is made meaningful whilst maintaining the key focus of exam preparation. Students will examine diverse perspectives over historical developments like the impacts of the Cold War in affecting countries.