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SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - Secondary Math Tuition

Developing Critical Thinkers was founded by passionate tutors, who strive to help students improve upon their mathematics grades. Tutors employ signature teaching methods that have helped countless numbers of students excel in their examinations. Students will also be given a wealth of resources pertaining to the subject to supplement their learning.

Features of our Programmes

How our Math tuition will help you to ace the exams

Our tuition programmes available on are engineered to help students achieve academic success in the subject. Tuition programmes are tailored to suit the learning styles of students to ensure they learn at a comfortable pace and are exam oriented to prepare them for the examinations.

PSLE Preparation

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - SecondaryMathTuition - PSLE Preparation offers tuition classes that focus on preparing students for their PSLE examinations. Through the conduct of regular topical tests under exam conditions students will be more confident when it comes to the PSLE mathematics paper.

Develop problem solving skills

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - SecondaryMathTuition - Develop Problem Solving Skills focuses on the development of problem solving skills, a key aspect of doing well in Mathematics. Here, tutors will ensure that students go through thorough practice sessions to allow them to be exposed to the various types of questions while allowing them to enforce understanding of concepts as well.

Learn Math in fun and meaningful ways

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - SecondaryMathTuition - Fun and Meaningful Math Programme

No math tuition class at is boring. Tutors are constantly seeking new ways to make learning more enjoyable. Through the use of our E-learning programme provided by MobileLearners, students will be able to learn in more engaging and effective ways.

Tuition Programmes

See What Tuition Programmes We Have offers tuition programmes for students taking math at various levels. All tuition programmes are taught by passionate tutors who have had years of experience teaching the subject.

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - SecondaryMathTuition - PSLE Math Tuition

Pri Math Tuition

Under primary math tuition programmes at, students will be introduced to math concepts in a gradual manner to strengthen their foundations in the subject.

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - SecondaryMathTuition - O Level A Maths Tuition

Sec A Math Tuition

Students undergoing A math tuition at will be able to embark on a fun-filled and enriching learning journey. Tutors will guide students towards academic distinction in the subject through signature methodologies.

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - SecondaryMathTuition - O Level E Maths Tuition

Sec E Math Tuition

Students who are taking E math will be able to attend tuition classes at whereby they will be put under the tutelage of exemplary tutors who will ensure they achieve their desired grades.

Our Tutors

Learn Under The Best Tutors

Tutors at are passionate about teaching and seeing students succeed in the subject. Not only do they function as tutors, they also serve as mentors to help with whatever problems students might have along the way. This way, students will be able to develop in a holistic manner, so as to develop into well-rounded individuals.

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - Secondary Maths Tuition -Best Math Tutor Jonathan

Math Tutor Jonathan Ng

Jonathan nurtures students to become competent and adaptable problem solvers. He develops the strengths of students by encouraging them to approach the study of PSLE, O and N Level Mathematics positively. Also, Jonathan establishes an open communication channel amongst students and parents. Through his utmost dedication, students will acquire the knowledge and skillsets to analyze problems and devise the most time-efficient and feasible method to answer the questions.

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