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Ace Economics at The O Levels was founded with the intention of catering to secondary students taking economics at the O levels. It was founded by tutors of Economicsfocus with the mission to help students taking GCE O Level Economics examination ace their examinations. We understand that there is the lack of education support for this new subject, which may be difficult for students at secondary 3 and 4 levels. We hope to give students and parents a better understanding on how they can prepare for GCE O Level Economics examination. Here students will be able to find helpful information on essays and some exam techniques which are provided by our Economics tutor from Economicsfocus.

Features of our Programmes

Learning Under The Best

We provide O Level Economics tuition programmes which are exam-oriented and focused on raising knowledge and examination capabilities of students so they can achieve academic excellence. O Level Economics Tuition classes are taught with extensive hands-on practices on a wide variety of practice papers, tackling a large variety of questions. We provide an extensive range of Economics MCQs to help students be more adaptive and less apprehensive towards the complexity of the Economics MCQs.

Exam Oriented Lessons

SGeducators Tuition Hub Singapore - OLevelEconomics - Exam-Oriented Lessons

Economics tuition programmes are exam centric, with classes placing heavy emphasis on preparing students for the examinations. This is done through mock exams and numerous practice papers to simulate exam conditions.

Comprehensive Notes

SGeducators Tuition Hub Singapore - OLevelEconomics - Comprehensive Notes

Our economics resources are crafted to help students understand economic concepts with ease. Notes are concise yet comprehensive and they are constantly being reviewed to ensure its relevance to the syllabus.

Holistic Education

SGeducators Tuition Hub Singapore - OLevelEconomics - Holistic Education

Or tutors over at are not only concerned with the academic aspect of a student’s development, they are also focused on ensuring their well-being is taken care off.

Tuition Programmes

Our Economics Tuition Programme

Our economics tuition programme is a comprehensive mix of engaging lessons and extensive practice sessions to train students up for their examinations. Every O Level Economics tuition class is 2 hours and students will be taught exam-oriented studying and application techniques so that they can apply the Economics concepts taught and excel in the GCE O Level Economics examination.
SGeducators Tuition Hub Singapore - OLevelEconomics - IGCSE Economics Tuition 0455

IGCSE Economics Tuition (0455)

Students taking economics at the IGCSE level can enrol in our economics tuition classes. During economics tuition classes, students will be taught effective ways to tackle examination questions and will be provided with economics materials.

SGeducators Tuition Hub Singapore - OLevelEconomics - Sec Economics Tuition

O Level Economics Tuition (2281/2286)

Students taking economics at the O levels will be able to enrol in our highly effective tuition classes that will be focused on preparing them for the examinations through specialised classes that cater to their respective learning abilities.

Our Tutors

Reputable Tutors features reputable and sought after tutors who have been teaching economics for many years. They employ signature teaching methods that are designed to help students achieve their best during the economics examinations.
SGEducators - JC History Tuition - Tuition Singapore - Top A Level History Tutor Justin Ng

Economics Tutor Justin Ng

Mr Justin imparts the skills of writing and thinking to JC students in the context of the A Level History subject. His dedication to raise the competency level of students can be seen in terms of the inclusion of study materials and answer reviews that have benefited students in their revision.

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