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Unlock The Mathematical Genius In You

Explore the intricacies of A Level Mathematics at, which is a tuition centre that will aid students to develop problem solving skills to excel at the examinations. Students can hone their answering techniques by seeking guidance from the tutor, who will review the steps undertaken by students and provide feedback on ways to improve their grades.

Features of our Programmes

How students can gain from the tuition programmes offers diversified class activities to engage students to think actively, approach questions critically, and solve problems efficiently. These features are developed by the math tutor, Mr Rafiq Tan, with the purpose of value-adding the learning experience of students during their educational journey.

Chapter-specific math notes

SGEducators - JC Math Tuition - Tuition Singapore - Chapter-specific math notes

During the topical revision classes, students will receive summary notes and equations sheets to condense the key areas of learning within the revision phase.

For example, the topic on Complex Numbers will be summarised within the study notes, in which different question types are illustrated with examples to raise awareness.

The math tutor will conduct topical revision classes that refer to the notes, such that students pick up exam-smart strategies along the way and learn how to use the notes effectively.

Comprehensive revision lessons

SGEducators - JC Math Tuition - Tuition Singapore - Comprehensive revision lessons

The JC maths tuition classes are sectioned into two parts, namely the topical revision classes and the exam preparation programme. The purpose of the separation of class types is to ensure that students will learn progressively and eventually be competent to handle the rigors of the exam.

For the topical revision classes, the math tutor will assist students in the establishment of a strong foundation in Pure Mathematics and Statistics and Probability. During the lessons, students are taught to observe how the math tutor approach and answer the questions systematically. Then, class practices are conducted subsequently to give students the opportunity to try. By doing so, students will develop the confidence and proficiency in handling the questions tested in specific chapters.

For the exam preparation lessons, the math tutor will facilitate the shift from basic knowledge expansion to application-type questions. Students are exposed to a wide range of challenging questions that are more likely to be tested at the exam. Also, timed practices are held to prepare students for the stress-inducing examination conditions. Through consistent practice at the intensive revision classes, students will develop the confidence to tackle the questions and excel remarkably.

Tuition Programmes

What students can learn from

Attain remarkable grades in your examination with by enrolling in the tuition programmes. Students who have doubts and misconceptions on certain math-related issues can seek assistance from the tutor.

SGEducators - JC Math Tuition - Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Tuition

JC Maths Tuition

We offer JC Maths tuition classes for students taking either H2 (9758) or H1 (8865). Given the challenging aspects of A Level Mathematics, such as the shifting examination focus of questions that integrate knowledge from multiple chapters, students will learn to tackle such questions during the lessons and overcome their apprehension towards the subject.

Our Tutors

Learn from the experienced tutor

Students can tap on the experience of the math tutor and learn how to score at the examination. At, students can clarify their doubts with the tutor to attain a better understanding of the math concepts taught at the A Level.

SGEducators - JC Math Tuition - Tuition Singapore - JC Maths Tutor Rafiq

JC Math Tutor Rafiq Tan

JC Math Tutor Rafiq Tan has been involved in the teaching of A Level Mathematics for twenty years. The numerous success stories shared by former students, who have joined his classes, are testimony of his effective tuition programme. Students developed the confidence to handle diverse question types by emulating the answering techniques that Mr Tan has introduced.

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