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Nurture inquisitive thinkers and writers

As A Level History involves a close-up examination of historical issues, students are expected to utilize varied approaches to analyze the underlying factors that influence the developments. At, students will develop the skills to pick up the essential aspects of the central arguments that are used by historians and identify the supporting evidence that justify their propositions. Students are trained to think critically and write proficiently while under time constraints, so as to excel at the examinations.

Features of our Programmes

What we offer to students in the tuition programme

What sets us apart from other centres is the varied features that will value-add the learning experience of students during their study of A Level History. Ranging from the conduct of class discussions to consultations, students will be engaged to learn from different approaches by tapping on these resources actively.

Issue-based discussions

SGEducators - JC History Tuition - Tuition Singapore - Issue-based discussions

The study of History involves a consistent process of observation, reflection, and opinion development. During the JC History tuition classes, students will be given practice questions to develop these skills. The tutor conduct class discussions with students to encourage them to think and consider the rationale behind the leading arguments put forth by historians.

These issues are sectioned according to the different themes set in the A Level History syllabus, such as the Cold War, International Peace and Security. Such an organization of issues will enable students to recognize the areas of assessment for the various questions set at the examinations.

Essay writing and SBQ skills development

SGEducators - JC History Tuition - Tuition Singapore - Essay writing and SBQ skills development

Students who aspire to score at the A Level History examination must possess the familiarity of questions and skills competency to express their points clearly and critically. The JC History tuition programme will train students to apply the answering techniques, like information extraction and the derivation of implication of evidence.

For the JC History essays skills acquisition, there are class practices for students to observe how the tutor breaks down the question and organize the possible arguments that can be used. In addition, students learn how to set outlines that are important in forming coherent essays.

For the development of source based case study questions (SBQs) answering techniques, practice questions are handed out to students for them to try out their skills taught in class, such as the ability to identify relevant information and analyze the extracts carefully.

Consultation and monitoring

SGEducators - JC History Tuition - Tuition Singapore - Consultation and monitoring

Students can seek guidance from the JC History tutors along the way. As class practices are being emphasized on more so than the study of issues, the tutors will review the answers of students and provide feedback on ways to improve their point expression and organization of content.

Students can consult the tutor to find out if their study methods are appropriate and clear any doubt that relate to the study curriculum. On the other hand, tutors will monitor the progress of every student to make sure that they can cope with the pace of learning and be ready for the examinations.

Tuition Programmes

What are the classes offered at tuition centre

Students are invited to attend the tuition classes conducted at to improve thinking and writing abilities. The lessons are planned to match the latest requirements set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). In particular, we have accounted for the shifting examination trends and study curriculum and included class activities to raise the awareness of students in these aspects.

SGEducators - JC History Tuition - Tuition Singapore - A Level History Tuition

JC History Tuition

JC students who are studying either H2 History (9752) or H1 History (8821) can undergo tuition classes with us. The tuition programme feature a wide range of class activities to nurture students to think like historians and approach issues with objective minds. The lessons will not only cover issue-based discussion, but also class practices to assess the students’ abilities to express their opinions in clear and concise ways.

Our Tutors

Learn actively with the JC History tutors

Along the journey, students may encounter learning obstacles, like the inability to comprehend the significance of historical issues. Therefore, our tutors are there to guide students and help them surmount the impediments confidently.

SGEducators - JC History Tuition - Tuition Singapore - Top A Level History Tutor Justin Ng

JC History Tutor Justin Ng

Mr Justin imparts the skills of writing and thinking to JC students in the context of the A Level History subject. His dedication to raise the competency level of students can be seen in terms of the inclusion of study materials and answer reviews that have benefited students in their revision.

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