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Cultivate Sensible Minds focuses on the development of the English Language and study of general issues. The GP tutors advocate the pursuit of knowledge purposefully, in which students will develop their ability to write essays and answer comprehension questions to score at the A Level General Paper examinations.

Features of our Programmes

What we offer to students at the tuition programmes

Students benefit from the comprehensive learning features that are found in the tuition classes at, seen in terms of the development of critical thinking skills and more pronounced writing abilities. Through the class activities, students will cultivate desirable learning traits that will remain applicable and relevant even beyond the educational journey at schools.

Discussion of real world issues

SGEducators - GeneralPaper - Tuition Singapore - Discussion of real world issues

The study of O Level English and A Level General Paper is made easy through the discussion of the past and current issues at the local and international levels.

The rationale of engaging in such discussions stem from the shifting examination trends of questions testing students on topics relating to real world events and issues. For instance, the comprehension passages for both subjects will feature factual information, like the history of music and how cultures are shaped by the influential factors of the modern societies.

As such, students will be encouraged to pose questions and attempt to derive the implications of real world issues to develop the quick thinking skills that will be instrumental in examination preparation.

Learning resources

SGEducators - GeneralPaper - Tuition Singapore - Learning resources

Students will receive study materials that are useful in the revision of O Level English and A Level General Paper. The learning resources cover many aspects, like the segregation of issues for discussion, practice questions and key terms and definitions.

These learning resources are prepared by the GP and English tutors, who have based their experience and observation of past examinations to refine the content and areas of study.

Therefore, students can avoid going through the time-consuming process of organizing the content to use for revision and focus on question practices, thus improving the effectiveness of the exam preparation strategies.

Skills-based application

SGEducators - GeneralPaper - Tuition Singapore - Skills-based application

It is essential for students to acquire reading and writing techniques to excel in their study. The secondary English and GP tuition programmes feature skills-based learning, whereby students are introduced to exam-oriented skills progressively.

During the GP tuition, students will learn to develop effective GP essay writing skills, like introduction setting, organization of paragraphs, and making comparative statements. In addition, GP comprehension skills development is done through the attempt of practice questions like the short answer questions, summary writing and application questions (AQs).  

As for the secondary English tuition, the tutors will impart students the skills of identifying different format of writing for the situational writing, like formal and informal letters, reports and proposal. Also, students will learn how to excel in continuous writing by recognizing the distinguishing factors between narrative and argumentative essays.

Tuition Programmes

The subjects that students can enrol for at the tuition centre

Have you encountered any difficulties in your study of A Level General Paper and O Level English? offers tuition programmes that will address the concerns of students who strive to excel in the examinations. Tutors will guide students through the focus of various topics and question types to raise confidence and skills competency levels.

SGEducators - GeneralPaper - Tuition Singapore - A Level GP Tuition

JC GP Tuition

The study of A Level General Paper (8807) is made effective at the GP tuition classes as students will be introduced to a wholesome learning approach that will improve their understanding of GP issues, like the implications of digitization and commercialization of cultures. Also, students will learn to apply their knowledge to simulated examination questions, such as GP essays and comprehension questions, to assess their degree of understanding.

SGEducators - GeneralPaper - Tuition Singapore - O Level English Tuition

Sec English Tuition

Secondary students studying the O Level English (1128) subject can improve their application skills by participating in the tuition classes at The programmes involve class practices for diverse questions, like situational writing, continuous writing, comprehension and summary. Students will acquire specific skillsets, such as the ability to read and draw out the underlying implications of texts found in the given comprehension passages and visual texts.

Our Tutors

Seek guidance from the GP tutors is managed by a team of prolific tutors who are determined to guide students through the study of English and GP, such that they become confident and expressive thinkers and writers. The tutors will use their expertise and knowledge to aid students to overcome the setbacks, be it subject-specific or study-related in general.

SGEducators - GeneralPaper - GP Super Tutor Simon Ng

GP Tutor Simon Ng is helmed by GP tutor Simon Ng, who has been teaching students for 20 years. Mr Ng applies the Sensible Minds teaching methodology, which nurtures students to develop opinionated thinking and prolific writing skills. Mr Ng’s dedication and pursuit to realise the aspirations of students have spurred them to give their best in all that they do. We invite you to engage in a discussion with Mr Ng as you will discover the meaningful aspects of education.

SGEducators - GeneralPaper - Sec English Tutor Justin Ng

English Tutor Justin Ng

Secondary English tutor Justin Ng advocates the understanding of real world contexts and development of thinking and writing abilities to maximise the learning potential of students at the O Level English examinations. Justin encourages students to let their inquisitive nature to approach the topics and issues found in questions to pique their interest. Also, Justin will guide students through the study of O Level English questions by relating to personal experiences and knowledge of real world issues to enable them to comprehend the implications effectively.

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