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Economics Focus was established by principal JC Economics tutor Simon Ng, who has been involved directly in the teaching of JC students since 2003. The prime objective of Economics Focus is to nurture students to become prolific writers and systematic thinkers.

Features of our Programmes

Accelerate your learning with the interactive class activities

Economics Focus conducts tuition classes that encourage active student-tutor interaction to improve knowledge retention and conceptual understanding of Economics. Through a broad range of class activities, such as topical re-teaching, students can ace the exams.


SGEducators - Economics Focus - Tuition Singapore - eLearning

eLearning provides an additional facet of learning to pique the interests of students in meaningful ways, such as the inclusion of educational videos that are visually engaging and effective in illustrating Economics processes well.

During the economics tuition classes, students will view these videos together with the tutors and understand various economic issues and concepts, like the Asian Financial Crisis and the failure of price mechanism respectively.

eLearning is made effective by applying the video content to the lessons and engaging in class discussions. Students will learn to harness the strengths of technology to seek out useful information and attempt practice questions on our eLearning platforms.

Topical re-teaching

SGEducators - Economics Focus - Tuition Singapore - Topical re-teaching

Economics Focus offers comprehensive revision programmes that include topical re-teaching lessons to emphasize the importance of certain concepts, like sustainable economic growth and structural unemployment.

These topical re-teaching classes are available to all students of Economics Focus. In comparison to self-conducted revision attempts, these classes will condense and speed up the revision process effectively.

During the economics tuition, students will undergo revision for the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics chapters and attempt practice questions relating to the topics to reinforce their understanding.

Economics skills development

SGEducators - Economics Focus - Tuition Singapore - Economics skills development

Skills-based learning is essential to achieve a well-rounded learning for Economics. The classes will hone the essay writing and CSQ answering techniques of students through topic integration and the practice of questions.

For the JC economics essay writing skills preparation, students will learn to break down the question and preamble to understand the areas of assessment, like knowledge from certain chapters to answer the question. Also, students will learn to improve their paragraph development and use economics terms appropriately to guide the essay discussion.

For the CSQ skills development, students are taught to examine and annotate the extracts and economic data, such as trend analysis and data comparisons between economies. Based on the weightage and mark allocation of every question, students will develop the familiarity and understanding of the appropriate skills to use when answering them.

The mastery of Economics skills can be achieved by every student if they are willing to give their best. The tutors will provide guidance and support to students throughout the journey as students attempt numerous practice questions to grasp the subject well.

Tuition Programmes

What are the tuition classes offered by Economics Focus

Economics Focus features economics tuition programmes offered at the O and A Levels. Students will develop their reading and writing proficiencies through the study of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Through a diverse range of class activities, such as topical revision, students will build up their familiarity towards exam questions and excel at the examinations.

SGEducators - Economics Focus - Tuition Singapore - JC Economics Tuition

JC Economics Tuition

JC students can either study H2 Economics (9757) or H1 Economics (8818), in which the depth and range of topics differs according to the subject types. The economics tuition classes will guide students through the essay writing and case study questions that are the key components for the examinations.

SGEducators - Economics Focus - Tuition Singapore - Sec Economics Tuition

Sec Economics Tuition

Secondary students can study GCE O Level Economics (2281 or 2286) or IGCSE Economics (0455), in which the topics are based on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The tuition programmes are exam-oriented as students will practise their MCQs, data response questions (DRQs) and essays.

Our Tutors

Engage with passionate economics tutors

Learning Economics can be made exciting and effective at Economics Focus as the tutors utilize a wide range of teaching methods and introduce diverse class activities to prepare students for the examination meaningfully.

SGEducators - Economics Focus - Tuition Singapore - Economics Super Tutor Simon Ng

JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng

Mr Simon Ng is the principal tutor of Economics Focus and has been involved in the teaching of A Level Economics for the past two decades. Given his vast pool of knowledge and experience in handling the various complexities of the Economics curriculum, many students have benefited from the economics tuition programme. For instance, Mr Ng was able to predict the areas of coverage for the past examinations and prepare students adequately. Be engaged by his clear and easy-to-follow lessons as you explore the wondrous aspects of Economics!

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