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Smart Learners Club

Be the smart learner of the future!

SGEducators is a comprehensive online education co-learning space for students and parents to discover useful information about primary, secondary and JC education. We aim to offer each and every child a holistic educational journey and to ensure that all who are seeking academic guidance can make informed decisions with useful education news and resources from a curated list of top tuition centres and the best tutors in Singapore.

Why Join Us?

Benefits of joining us as an SGEducators Smart Learners Club member

Students and parents that sign up as SGEducators Smart Learners Club members will be entitled to exclusive features, like the enrolment of free trial classes at the featured tuition centres. Also, students and parents can join our regular lucky draws, giveaways and quizzes and bag home gift vouchers, technological appliances, tickets to the latest attractions in Singapore, and many more!

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Register for Free Trial Classes

Register for Free Trial Classes

Free trial classes are made available for all our members. These trial classes are beneficial because they allow for students and parents to get a sensing of how a trial class from a particular tuition centre is run.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Compete & become Student Ambassadors

Compete & become Student Ambassadors

As a member of SGEducators, you can participate in our contests and stand a chance to be rewarded. Furthermore, winners are invited to become student ambassadors, who will share their learning experience with fellow students.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Participate in Quizzes & Exciting Giveaways

Participate in Quizzes & Exciting Giveaways

SGEducators conduct regular giveaways that will enable students and parents, who are registered members of SGEducators, to increase their chances of winning giveaways.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Get Updated on the latest Stories

Get Updated on the latest Stories

Receive updates on the latest stories relating to the education scene in Singapore. We feature general information, like the updates to the subject-specific requirements and discussion on national examinations.

Quality Education Starts Here

Poise for Academic Success

SGEducators was set up with the main goal of providing both students and parents a credible online and mobile-friendly platform to access information about the primary, secondary and JC tuition services in Singapore. Our educational site provides you wide variety of resources that can help your child be a prolific learner. The Free Trial Class by the list of renowned tuition centres will give our members the help to make an informed choice on the education services that will benefit them.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Primary Tuition Trial Class

Primary Tuition

Get a headstart for your child’s education with our primary tuition classes that feature English, Math and Science programmes. Register with us and acquire exam-smart techniques to ace the PSLE!

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Secondary Tuition Trial Class

Secondary Tuition

As students advance to the secondary level, the increased variation of subjects poses a challenge to some, thus we offer secondary tuition classes to support their revision. Undergo skills development and excel at the O Level!

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - JC Tuition Trial Class

JC Tuition

Given the complexity and diversity of questions, the JC tuition classes support students in their academic endeavours, seen in terms of the refinement of critical thinking and problem solving skills to score at the A Level.

Participate in our Education Campaigns

Interact with motivational thinkers and educators

SGEducators organize campaigns to reach out to students, parents and educators by touching on the crux of educational matters. In view of this technologically advanced age, students must learn to prepare for the future challenges that threaten their skills applicability, in response to the growing reliance on automation. These campaigns cover a wide range of activities, like competitions, workshops and articles, which are open to all members. Prepare for the future right now.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Competitions for Students


Rekindle the passion for learning by partaking in the SGEducators competitions, which aim to promote active engagement amongst students and parents. Participants can use their creativity to explore the ever-changing education landscape and get the opportunity to win attractive prizes.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Workshops


Put on your thinking cap and delve into the world of education at the SGEducators workshops. These engaging activities are open to all members and feature diverse topics, like the refinement of PSLE, O Level and A Level exam skills application.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Educational Articles


Stay in the loop by reading articles that are organized into three columns: education news, exam skills, and study tips. Students and parents can derive a better understanding of critical issues, like the shifting focus of schools from high-stakes examination to the cultivation of problem solving skills.

Get Lucky in our Quizzes & Giveaways

Test your knowledge and logical thinking skills to bag home attractive goodies!

SGEducators organizes quizzes and giveaways to make learning enjoyable and meaningful. For the quizzes, you can receive information in different ways as we feature topics that broaden your general knowledge. Also, members of SGEducators can stand a chance to win giveaways as they participate in our activities.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Test your Knowledge

Test your Knowledge

SGEducators encourages members to pursue knowledge in ways beyond the classrooms as learning is a lifelong journey. These quizzes may test general knowledge or subject-specific content to assess the ability of students to extract essential information and apply to questions.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Win Attractive Prizes

Win Attractive Prizes

Stand a chance to receive giveaways as we embark on an educational journey together! In addition to the thrill of winning attractive prizes, members will be tasked to answer questions relating to the prize. These prizes are awarded either in the weekly or monthly giveaways, so check often!

Gain access to educational materials

Be the informed learners

SGEducators provides a wide range of educational materials such as educational articles, online blogs and breakdown of syllabus updates. These education materials are written by prolific tutors as well as education experts to help our learners and members be more informed and enriched with new learning strategy and knowledge. We share with our members informed knowledge that will strive to cultivate the contributing learners of the globalized world.

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As a member, you will receive weekly newsletters to be updated on the latest articles written by experienced educators. Also, you can get integrated access through the learning portals to tap on these useful learning resources. What’s more, we provide the ease of access while you refer to the Dashboard on recommended news and articles specifically selected for you! Read on and gain insightful knowledge.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Educational Resources

Access educational articles & learning resources

Our educational articles and online learning blogs help provide useful study tips and tricks to students and they are written by experienced tutors who have with them years of experience. They cover a wide range of topics from, exam preparation techniques to health and exercise tips, which help contribute towards a holistic education.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Exam Syllabus

Understand the latest primary, secondary & JC syllabus

The syllabus is being reviewed and updated every now and then, but they are usually presented in ways which students and parents find it hard to understand and digest. To help, SGEducators summarises syllabus changes and presents them to our users in a concise manner. We also analyse such changes and give our views on how such changes would affect students and what they can do to adapt to it.

How to join?

Follow our step-by-step guide to sign up as a member

Embark on this inspiring and enriching learning journey with us! Go through our simple and easy-to-follow registration process and begin exploring the wondrous world of SGEducators. We extend our warm welcome to you, your family, and friends to be part of the SGEducators Smart Learners Club.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Register for a Account

Register for a Parent or Student Account

To begin your registration, specify whether you are joining as a student or parent member. You can also fill in the personal particulars for your family member or guardian to speed up the sign up process.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Confirm your Account Registration

Confirm your Account Registration through your Email

Once you registered successfully, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. The account activation is important as it gives you access to the exciting features of the SGEducators Club.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Smart Learners Club - Get Started

Get Started with Giveaways & Other Exciting Activities

Delve into the visually attractive and interactive features of SGEducators. Join our giveaways to win attractive prizes! The adventure awaits!