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Secondary Economics Tuition, Singapore

Develop economics acumen and awareness

Students will be introduced to the basics of economics principles that are the precursor to A Level Economics. The subject serves as a foundation for students to understand the intuition behind every economic development. For some students, the analysis of economic trends and study of concepts are challenging as they lack the ability to relate to these abstract notions. Therefore, the secondary Economics tuition programmes will assist students in their endeavors as they explore the exciting field of Economics together with the tutors.

Objectives of the Sec Economics Tuition

What should students expect during the economics tuition

The secondary Economics tuition programmes are held with the purpose of fulfilling objectives, like the cultivation of awareness to economic issues and the acquisition of skills to utilize economic tools to interpret the economic trend analysis. Although some may perceive that the economics tuition classes are solely focused on the achievement of academic excellence at the examination, the tutors believe that learning Economics should be a meaningful and enjoyable journey for students.

Explore Economics issues

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Economics Tuition - Explore Economics issues

Students are introduced to relatable experiences at the personal level to understand various economics concepts and principles, like opportunity cost and demand and supply analysis. For example, the concept of opportunity cost can be understood with the decision to either study or engage in a recreation activity during the student’s free time. By relating the concepts to personal contexts, students will retain their knowledge.

Acquire analytical thinking and writing skills

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Economics Tuition - Acquire analytical thinking and writing skills

The development of thinking and writing skills is achieved through keen observation and reflection of economics issues. The secondary economics tuition classes feature class practices that enable students to test their own interpretation skills in analyzing unseen texts for data response questions and the extent of point elaboration and perspective setting for essay questions. Hence, students develop the ability to provide concise and clear points.

Value the importance and applicability of economics knowledge

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Economics Tuition - applicability of economics knowledge

In addition to the goal of acing the economics examination, students will develop the passion for learning as they discover the usefulness and applicability of economics acumen beyond classroom contexts. In the context of Economics, students are introduced to real world applications, like the assessment of developed and developing economies and the survivability of small and large firms.

Features of our Programme

What will students gain from the economics tuition

The Economics tuition programmes are planned and executed by tutors who have refined their resources and teaching methods to maximise the learning effectiveness for every session. The diversity of class activities can be observed from the use of exam-oriented features, like revision notes and progressive study curriculum, to guide students with varying start points towards the achievement of academic success.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Economics Tuition - Concise study notes

Concise study notes

Students can tap on a reliable reference source, particularly the revision materials, to remember the critical areas of learning for Economics. The content is organized according to the different chapters featured in the syllabus requirements, such as ‘Economics Indicators’, ‘Basic Economic Problem’, and ‘Allocation of Resources’.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Economics Tuition - Review your progress

Review your progress with tutors

Students that are determined to excel in Economics can seek guidance from the tutors. To ensure that students are on track to success, tutors will review the answers for the MCQ, DRQ, and essay questions of students. The identification of errors will ensure that students are more cognizant of their mistakes, thus improving themselves.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Economics Tuition - Raise exam confidence

Raise exam confidence

The crux of the secondary economics tuition programmes lies with the extent and regularity of question practice. This means that students must develop and build up the momentum to attempt questions throughout the journey. By doing so, they will develop the ability to handle both basic and advanced questions found in examinations.

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O Level Economics (2286/2281) & IGCSE Economics (0455) Syllabus

Get to know the exam requirements

The achievement of academic success begins with the comprehension of the syllabus requirements. This Economics subject is examinable in the local (Singapore) and international GCE formats, based on the exam codes of 2281, 2286 and 0455. Despite the differences in code numbers, the format of assessment and content covered remain identical in nature.

There are two papers that students must attempt during the examination.

Paper 1 Multiple Choice Questions

For Paper 1, students will complete 30 multiple choice questions (MCQs), in which every question has four choices. Only one of the four choices is correct. Students have only 45 minutes to complete the paper. Therefore, it is important for students to develop the momentum and awareness of completing every question efficiently and use the remaining time to check carefully.

Paper 2 Data Response Questions

Paper 2 features structured questions that comprise of data response questions (DRQ) and essay questions. For DRQ, students will examine a set of extracts and economic data, then tackle several short answer questions. For the essay questions, students will choose 3 out of 6 questions to complete. Paper 2 lasts for 2 hours 15 minutes. To score in Paper 2, students must practise as many questions as possible and develop the familiarity on the essay structure to set. Also, students must apply their knowledge of economic concepts by illustrating points with the use of diagrams and keywords to attain the maximum allocated marks.

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