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Secondary Tuition in Singapore

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Our secondary tuition programme readies students for academic excellence by building upon their foundational knowledge and ensuring that they have sufficient content and question exposure. This will allow them to develop the confidence they need for examinations.

GCE O Level preparation

How we can help students to prepare for O Level?

At the secondary level, students are often taken aback by the huge increase in the number of subjects they are required to take as compared to the primary level. This results in many students being overwhelmed without the proper guidance. Our tutors are well trained to help students cope and excel in their secondary school education.

By adopting a progressive approach, our tutors ensure that every student learns at a comfortable pace, optimizing learning. On top of enriching students with content knowledge, our tutors will also be on a keen look out for student’s weaknesses, so as to better understand and help them overcome it.

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Holistic classes

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Tuition - Holistic classes

We design our classes to give students an all rounded education. Our tuition classes are not only exam oriented, but they are also focused on ensuring the wellbeing of students. Tutors will ensure exam preparedness by emphasizing on methodical teaching methods and making sure students get sufficient exposure and practice on the various types of question. Tutors also make an effort to understand the various problems students are facing on a personal level and will attempt to assure and provide them with suggestions.

Sought-after education materials

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Tuition - Sought-after education materials

Our educational materials on Secondary Tuition Singapore prepares students for their examinations and they encompass E-learning materials, mobile applications, study notes and many other learning resources. These study materials help enhance the learning abilities of students so that they will be able to better cope and manage with the workload. Traditional methods of learning and teaching are not enough to help students excel in the current education system, students need opportunities that provide them with expanded learning methods so studying is made more efficient.

Comprehensive syllabus updates

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Secondary Tuition - Comprehensive syllabus updates

Syllabus changes happen and it is imperative that students and parents are aware of how such changes will affect them. However more often than not, these syllabus changes are presented in ways that contain too much information making it difficult for many to comprehend. Secondary tuition Singapore helps to summarize and analyse such syllabus changes in a condensed manner so that students will be able to know how to work with the changes.

Sec Tuition Programmes

What are the subjects offered at the secondary tuition classes

SGEducators has a wide range of well-known tuition centres offering secondary tuition classes, like English, Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics. These tuition classes are conducted by proficient tutors who are exam-focused by conducting regular class practices to boost the confidence of students.

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Sec English tuition

English tutors will continue to build up student’s language expertise through engaging them in class discussions and practices that will hone their writing, communication and comprehension techniques.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - O Level Mathematics Tuition Icon

Sec Math tuition

Math tutors will emphasize on giving students opportunities to apply mathematical concepts through thorough exposure to a wide range of question types which will strengthen their conceptual understanding.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - O Level Science Tuition Icon

Lower Sec Science tuition

Tutors strive to develop student’s confidence and scientific fundamentals through engaging them in class experiments, projects, excursions and more.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - O Level Physics Tuition Icon

Sec Physics tuition

Our Physics tutors will ensure students are proficient in their use and application of physics concepts, laws and principles so they will excel in the subject.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - O Level Chemistry Tuition Icon

Sec Chemistry tuition

Students will undergo frequent exposure to experiments and the concepts involved at the molecular level so they can develop a strong understanding for the subject.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - O Level Economics Tuition Icon

Sec Economics tuition

Our economics tutors will introduce students to the basic economic fundamentals and concepts that will be necessary for them to achieve academic excellence in economics.

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