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Secondary Tuition

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At SGEducators, our Secondary Tuition builds resilient academic individuals to explore a spectrum of subjects at the intermediate difficulty levels. We believe that all students can overcome these academic challenges through our development process during our tuition classes, thereby enhancing their academic potential.

What We Teach for Secondary Tuition

Our useful learning resources

Our dedicated tutors seek to impart premier education to our students through methodical teachings to structure and guide their learning behaviours. With different requirements from different subjects, we understand that students demand an expansive and adaptive teaching style and we cater to their needs of transforming learning into an interesting approach.

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Secondary English Tuition

Be intrigued with the varying styles of the language at Secondary English Tuition and develop important fundamentals in areas such as Grammar and Vocabulary while taking preparation in exam-critical skills.

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Secondary Math Tuition

Nurture crucial Mathematics techniques with our tutors as our Secondary Tuition teaches your child to engage in concept analysis and problem-solving skills in order to tackle demanding questions in the Mathematics fields.

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Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Embark on our Science academic journey and explore the different facets of Lower Secondary Science, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students under us will find their academic capacity grow as their technical knowledge improves in the 3 areas of Science.

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Secondary Chemistry Tuition

At our Secondary Chemistry Tuition, students will realise their academic potential and be inspired by our tutors to advance their of learning to the next stage of academia.

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Secondary Economics Tuition

Our Economics Tuition strives to expand the economic capacity in our students and develop creative thinking in the elements of economics concepts, as well as complex economic diagrams.

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Secondary Physics Tuition

Our Physics tutors ensure that our students are prepared thoroughly for the demanding physics syllabus and develop into aspiring academic individuals with technical mastery of Physics concept and answering techniques.

Other Benefits of Our Secondary Tuition

Aside from our core learning programme, you can enjoy additional benefits of our programme after your enrolment in our tuition programme. These benefits are created to further stretch your child’s academic capacity beyond thy syllabus requirements in order to maintain competitiveness.

Free Holiday Programmes

Enjoy a FREE holiday programme from us during the March and June school holidays and enable your child to grow through various activities such as critical thinking skills and content building lessons.

Free Monthly Workshops

Sign up for our FREE monthly workshops as a parent or a student and receive advices from our educational experts. Learn how to be exam smart as a child or understand how to provide sensible guidance as a parent.

Free Educational Guides

As a bonus, you will also receive e-guides from us, which contains various publications to assist your child’s learning and revisions. These e-guides will also contain answers so that your child can engage in independent learning.


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