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Secondary Math Tuition

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Join our Secondary Math Tuition to be ready for the challenges of the O Level Math examination. SGEducators offers lower secondary math tuition, A and E Math tuition classes. These programmes are exam-oriented as we aid your child to acquire the essential knowledge to apply them to basic and complex questions so as to ace the examinations well. Read on to find ou rmore about our integrated learning programme.

Why Join our Secondary Math Tuition

How your child will benefit from our tuition

By enrolling your child in our Secondary Math Tuition programmes, we will nurture your child to become a resilient learner, systematic thinker and analytical problem-solver. These learning aims can be realised with our comprehensive and intellectually-engaging class activities. In this section, you can learn more about the distinctive benefits of our tuition programme.


Inspire Resilient Learners

We will guide your child to become a resilient learner that will not be discouraged by the severity of obstacle. Through regular practice and self-reflection, your child will develop a positive mindset and attidudes.

Nurture Systematic Thinkers

Our Secondary Math Tuition is instrumental in guiding your child to become a systematic thinker. Your child will learn to approach math problems carefully and meticulously to derive the steps to answer the questions accurately.


Cultivate analytical problem-solvers

We teach your child to become an analytical problem-solver as the programme features diverse questions that promote “out-of-the-box” thinking to encourage your child to consider different approaches to solve the questions.


How to improve with our Secondary Math Tuition?

Our useful learning resources

SGEducators is supported other related learning portals, like Tampines, Secondary Tuition Hub and Math Tuition Hub, which will be beneficial in aiding your child’s comprehension of abstract Math concepts. Also, you can learn more about the secondary math tuition programmes open for registration at the respective learning portals.


Tampines Tuition Centre

View the learning resourvces featured at Tampines Tuition Centre to have better understanding of the examination requirements for O Level, particularly the A and E Math subjects for secondary students.

Secondary Tuition Singapore

Enrol in the secondary math tuition programme to be competent in the answering of short and structured questions at Secondary Tuition Singapore. Also, this portal features educational news and study tips for students..  

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