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Secondary Economics Tuition

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Sign up for the Secondary Economics Tuition at Bedok, Bishan and Tampines to prepare your child for the O Level Economics examinations. The tuition programme will be effective in shaping your child to think analytically, illustrate clearly and write coherently.


Why Join our Secondary Economics Tuition

How your child will benefit from our tuition

Enrol your child in our Secondary Economics Tuition and we will nurture him or her to become a reflective thinker, rational learner and meticulous writer. As educators, we advocate the attainment of such positive and desirable attitudes and behaviours for learning. Therefore, our class activities are developed to ensure that your child learns in a conductive environment to become better.

Cultivate Reflective Thinkers

We train your child to become a reflective thinker by promoting opinionated answers during class discussions of Economics issues, which will be important in relating theoretical knowledge to real-world applications.

  Become Rational Learner

We nurture your child to become a rational learner by imparting Economics concepts in interactive ways, like the use of online videos and student participation to provide possible solutions to Economics questions.

Nurture Meticulous Writers

We teach your child to become a meticulous writer by focusing on the development of proficient writing skills, like outline setting, idea generation and point elaboration, for the unseen data response and structured questions.

How to improve with our Secondary Economics Tuition?

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