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Primary Science Tuition, Singapore

Attain excellence in Science

Science at the primary level offers introductory scientific knowledge to students. It tests students ability to retain knowledge through understanding of the various concepts. Also students must be able to apply whatever they have learnt to new situations. Under our SGEducators primary science tuition, students will embark on an experiential learning journey into the world of science that will captivate and enrich their knowledge in the subject.

Objectives of the Pri Science Tuition

What will students achieve during the primary science tuition

Our goal is to develop in every student, an inquisitive mind. Through engaging and fun-filled lessons, our dedicated and experienced tutors will help each student develop an interest in science. By encouraging students to ask questions on a regular basis, we will clear any doubts students have so they will be able to progress faster. Our lessons also challenge students to think broadly. This allows each student to benefit fully from every lesson.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Science Tuition - Wide ranging content knowledge

Wide ranging content knowledge

Our tutors provide students with the essential content knowledge they need to do well in science, each lesson focuses on making students learn scientific knowledge and concepts with understanding. Our primary science tutors will also expose students to a varied array of scientific information so that they will have a strong foundation in the subject.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Science Tuition - Improve scientific skills

Improve scientific skills

Tutors are always giving students the opportunity to refine their skills in science through class practices and topical revision tests that tests students understanding of a given topic thoroughly so tutors will know the areas in which students are weak and strong at.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Science Tuition - Discover the world of science

Discover the world of science

We will help students venture into the world of science through videos, excursions and interesting experiments on top of our regular classes. By doing so, we strongly believe that students will develop an interest in the subject thus allowing them to do better in the subject.

Features of our Programme

Your solution to scoring A in science

The primary Science tuition programmes contain many useful features to enhance the educational development of students in preparation for the examination, particularly the PSLE Science. These features, such as the concise revision notes, are prepared carefully by the primary tutors to ensure that students possess adequate resources to handle the challenges of the Science subject. Over time, these learning tools features have been refined to optimize the comprehension process, thereby enabling students to grasp the gist of each scientific concept.

Effective study notes

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Science Tuition - Effective study notes

Study notes are created by tutors to help supplement and complement the learning abilities of students. Study notes include important scientific concepts, formulae, definitions and common misconceptions students might have. All of the content present in our notes will help to cement student’s understanding of the subject and allows them to study more efficiently.

Proven pedagogy

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Science Tuition - Proven pedagogy

The teaching methodology used by the science tutors have shown to benefit our students greatly. Lessons are crafted with the intention of imparting students with knowledge in a steady yet effective manner so that they will be able to gain the most out of every lesson. Students are also under constant guidance so tutors will be able to keep track of their progress from time to time.

Wide ranging practice questions

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Science Tuition - Wide ranging practice questions

Students will be given ample opportunities to put whatever they have learnt into practice. This way students will be able to be exposed to a variety of question types which they can familiarize themselves with. Tutors also use practice questions as ways to gauge the development of students so they will be able to provide help when needed.

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PSLE Science Syllabus

Understand the subject well

Keeping in touch with syllabus updates is a way to make studying more productive. By knowing the requirements of the syllabus, students will be able to have a clearer picture of what to study. We provide summarized versions of syllabus updates for science that are easily comprehendible for both students and parents.

Booklet A – Multiple Choice Questions

Booklet A comprises of 30 MCQ questions that add up to a total of 60 marks. This has a 60% weightage on the total paper and each MCQ question is allocated 2 marks.

Booklet B – Open Ended Questions

Booklet B consists of 14 open ended questions, each with varying marks depending on question requirements. The whole booklet adds up to 40 marks which takes up 40% of the entire paper.

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