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Primary Math Tuition, Singapore

Achieve distinction in Mathematics

Mathematics is used in almost every aspect of our lives and it is an important skill to have. Math at the primary level aims to test students on their ability to recall and understand mathematical concepts, rules and formulae, as well as to be able to interpret, analyze and apply mathematical concepts. Our tutors will imbue in students the important mathematical procedures for them to attain mastery in mathematics.

Objectives of the Pri Math Tuition

Empowering logical thinkers

Our tutors over at primary math tuition are focused on developing students who are logical thinkers. Our competent mathematics tutors will nurture student’s love and proficiency in mathematics through a series of well thought out and organized class tutorials that will challenge and excite students to think and venture outside of the box. With that, not only will students gain greater insight into the different mathematical concepts, but they will also develop a genuine interest in the subject.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Math Tuition - Obtain mathematical knowledge

Obtain mathematical knowledge

Our tuition classes are replete with opportunities and avenues in which students can harness mathematical knowledge from. Tutors are constantly finding new ways to impart mathematical knowledge to students in fun ways so that students will be able to learn more productively and retain knowledge better.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Math Tuition - Reinforce math concepts

Reinforce math concepts

Students are constantly being challenged during our tuition programmes because that way, they will be able to develop the capability to find solutions and ways to overcome difficult mathematical problems. Tutors will also emphasize application of mathematical knowledge to the real world so that learning is made more meaningful.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Math Tuition - Rekindle the love for learning

Kindle the passion for learning

Math lessons will also be dedicated to helping students understand the interesting world of mathematics, beyond their textbook requirements through class activities, workshops and many more, in hopes of igniting their flare for mathematics.

Features of our Programme

‘A’ in Mathematics never looked more achievable

SGEducators primary math tuition provides students with the resources needed to help them do well in the subject. These resources are prepared, adjusted and refined to make the learning process enjoyable and effective. It is through the persistent efforts of the primary math tutors that students can receive the best possible resources to ace the math examination.

Concise notes

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Math Tuition - Concise notes

Our mathematical notes are succinct so that students can use them to recap their knowledge and to revise for upcoming tests. Our notes feature common mathematical misconceptions students must look out for, mathematical formulae as well as tips and tricks provided by tutors to help students overcome the toughest of examination papers.

Methodical teaching approach

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Math Tuition - Methodical teaching approach

The primary math tutors base their teaching approaches to suit the learning abilities of students. Classes conducted are focused on preparing students for their exams by familiarizing them with examination formats, and questions in a progressive manner so students will have time to digest and internalize whatever they have learnt.

Topical practices

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Math Tuition - Topical practices

Timed practices and topical tests will be given out to students to enforce whatever their learning. Tutors use these practices as a yardstick, to track student’s progress and to come up with new methods to help them improve. Students will also be exposed to huge number of math questions and question types so they will be well-versed in solving them during the examinations.

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PSLE Math Syllabus

Understand the learning requirements

Knowing the mathematical syllabus requirements well means you are one step closer to doing well in the subject. This is because knowing what is required of you will allow you to know where to focus your time and energy on. We provide key summaries and evaluation of syllabus updates to help parents and students better understand how they can cope with it.

Paper 1

The first component takes up 40% of the total grade and requires students to complete 2 parts, booklet A and B within 50 minutes. Booklet A consists mainly of MCQs, while booklet B consists of 15 short structured questions. Calculators are allowed for this paper.

Paper 2

This second component consists of 5 short answer questions and 13 long answer questions requiring students to complete it within 1h 40min. Paper 2 takes up a significant 60% of the total grade and the use of calculators are allowed in this paper as well.

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