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Master English Language

English is spoken almost everywhere in the world and it is the most common home language in Singapore thus highlighting its importance. English at the PSLE level tests students on their ability to listen, speak and write proficiently in English through 4 components, essay writing , comprehension, listening comprehension,  and oral communication. Each of these components are focused on testing students on a specific skillset and it might be hard for primary students who have little knowledge about the English language to do well in the subject. Our SGEducators English tuition programmes will help prepare students sufficiently for these papers so that they can excel in each component.

Objectives of the Pri English Tuition

Beyond English language

Primary English tuition strives to inculcate in students the importance of English language in our world today. Our English tutors have years of experience teaching the subject and they are well trained to help students struggling in this subject to improve drastically. To do so, our tutors will guide students through the syllabus in a systematic approach and at the same time, tutors will present students with opportunities to practice their use of language through fun filled class activities and discussions that will engage students and encourage them to learn more.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary English Tuition -Acquire content knowledge

Acquire content knowledge

Students will be exposed to a diverse range of content during their study of the English language at our featured tuition centres. Tutors will provide students with the necessary learning and reading materials to allow students to grow their language skills to become proficient in it.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary English Tuition -Hone your skills

Hone your skills

Tutors will also be focused on equipping students with the ability to write competently, speak coherently and to listen with understanding. Also students will be trained on their inference and evaluation skills.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Math Tuition - Develop the love for learning

Develop the love for learning

By introducing fun filled activities and events such as group projects, discussions and even excursions, our tuition programmes will excite and ignite in students the passion for learning.

Features of our Programme

Everything you need for A in English

Our English tuition classes are packed with numerous features that will benefit all students no matter their level of competency in English.

Comprehensive notes

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary English Tuition -Comprehensive notes
SGEducators Primary English tuition dishes out comprehensive and concise notes to help students maximize their learning. Our notes are designed by tutors and they include examination skills and answering techniques to help students learn effectively and improve exponentially.

Effective methodology

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary English Tuition -Effective methodology

Our English tutors employ signature teaching methods that are crafted to provide students with an optimal learning environment. Classes are taught in ways that are effective, fun and easy to comprehend. Topics are introduced to students in a procedural manner so that students are able to learn at a comfortable pace.

Extensive practice questions

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary English Tuition -Extensive practice questions

We believe that practice is one of the most effective ways in which students can master a subject. That is why our tutors are constantly emphasizing on exposing students to different question types. We have a vast array of questions that students can use to practice on so that they will be able to familiarize themselves with the various question types.

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PSLE English Syllabus

Recognise the importance of learning

Syllabus changes are of utmost importance because it serves a guide for students, telling them which areas to focus on. Primary English Tuition analyses and provides summaries of these syllabus updates in an easily digestible manner so parents and students will know where and how to focus their time and energy on.

Paper 1 Writing

Paper 1 tests students on their writing competencies. It consists of 2 parts, situational and continuous writing which constitutes 27.5% of the total grade. Situational writing requires students to prepare a write-up according to a given context, such as  an email or letter. Continuous writing is another component requiring students to write an essay, based on their own interpretation of 3 pictures, with a minimum of 105 words with relation to a given topic.

Paper 2 Comprehension

Paper 2 evaluates student’s on their language and comprehension skills. This section constitutes 47.5% of the total grade and consists of booklet A and B which students will have to complete in 1h 50min. Booklet A includes 28 MCQs, which tests students on vocabulary, grammar and visual text comprehension. Booklet B covers open-ended questions that have to do with comprehension, grammar as well as synthesis and transformation sections.

Paper 3 Listening

Paper 3 is focused on listening comprehension which constitutes 5% of the total grade and students will have to attempt 20 MCQs over a span of 25min. It aims to develop student’s ability to understand spoken english as well as to be able to apply whatever has been heard within given contexts.

Paper 4 Oral Communication

Paper 4 emphasises on oral communication and which takes up 20% of the total grade. Students are given 10 minutes to prepare for 2 components consisting of reading a short text and engaging in a discussion relating to a given topic based on a visual image. All of these 2 components will have to be done in front of the examiner who will assess the student’s eloquence and  communication skills.

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