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Primary Tuition in Singapore

Build up a stable and strong foundation

Primary Tuition Singapore was set up as a credible online education portal to give students the head-start they need, to excel in their educational journey at the primary level. Given the competitive environment and fast-paced teaching in primary schools, students can tap on the primary English, Math and Science tuition classes offered at the featured centres to overcome their learning difficulties. In addition, the tutors conduct revision classes to prepare students for the high-stakes Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

PSLE preparation

Embark on an enriching educational journey together

We have outstanding tutors who have years of experience behind them and have gained the trust of countless students and parents. At the primary level, many students tend to face difficulties in terms of understanding concepts due to them having no prior foundational knowledge in any of the subjects they will be embarking on.

In light of this, our tutors are constantly making the effort to help students acquire more knowledge through effective and engaging means. The acquisition of knowledge is not all that tutors will focus on, emphasis on training up student’s skills in the individual subject will also be of top priority so that students will be proficient when it comes to the PSLE examinations.

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Primary tuition programmes

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Our tuition programmes are focused on providing each student with the best possible environment to study in. Each tuition class is crafted with the student’s needs in mind and it will be focused on imparting skills and knowledge to student in the most effective and engaging way. We do so by including group projects, class discussions, debates as well as events and activities to broaden the perspectives and skillset of students, allowing them to be more proficient in their studies. This has been proven to be more effective than traditional rote learning methods.

Educational materials

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Our partner tuition centres and the Primary Tuition Singapore porta utilizes a wide range of educational materials to allow for diversification of study methods. Our learning materials include, E-learning programmes for students, detailed study notes and assessments, and many other learning resources designed to optimize study methods. Our diverse span of learning resources help students get more out of their tuition programmes and at the same time give students access to much more study materials which will go a long way in helping them achieve greater productivity.

Stay up to date with the latest PSLE syllabus

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Primary Tuition - Primary Syllabus

Information on the latest syllabus requirements for each primary subject is available on our Primary Tuition Singapore portal. The portal provides summaries of syllabus changes in a concise manner so students and parents will be able to better understand it. We cover changes in syllabuses and provide analysis on how these changes will affect students. On top of that, we provide tips for students on how to cope and manage with these changes so that they can stay ahead of their peers.

Primary Tuition Programmes

What subjects we offer for the primary tuition

We have tuition classes for primary English, math and science subjects, all of which are headed by renowned tutors who are established in their fields.

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Primary English tuition

Tutors specializing in primary English will equip students with the basic language skills needed to excel in the English examination.

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Primary Math tuition

Our math tutors will ensure that the necessary foundational mathematical concepts are ingrained in students so they will be proficient in the subject.

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Primary Science tuition

Science tutors will help introduce science concepts, definitions and formulae so that students will have a strong grasp of these concepts to be able to tackle the science examinations.

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