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Primary Math Tuition

Nurturing Problem-Solvers

Enrol your child in our Primary Math Tuition at SGEducators to ace the examinations. As the study of Mathematics requires thorough understanding of the answering methods, our programmes at Bedok Centre will ensure that your child acquires the essential knowledge and application techniques.


Class Activities

What will your child learn and do in class?

Our Primary Math Tuition will help students to develop interest in the subject and acquire the problem-solving skills to answer the examination questions. At the same time, our classes will feature group discussions so that students will know how to use the given information and apply relevant concepts to real-life situations.

Build a strong foundation in Mathematics

Students will be taught the fundamentals of each topic, such as Fractions, Decimals and Ratio. Then, they will attempt basic multiple choice and short-answer questions. We provide study notes and use real-life examples to explain how the key concepts for each topic are applied in simple ways. 

Develop problem-solving skills

Also, more focus will be put on application questions through the discussion of example questions and class practices. Students will learn to extract information from the questions and present the steps systematically. Different answering methods will be taught to provide flexibility. 

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