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Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition

Join our Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition at Bedok, Tampines and Bishan to equip your child with essential thinking and writing proficiencies. The Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition comprises of three major areas, namely Lower Secondary English Tuition, Lower Secondary History Tuition and Lower Secondary Geography Tuition.

The purpose of including English into the Humanities (History and Geography) tuition is to stress on the importance of effective reading and writing, which are critical skills for students to ace the Humanities subjects. Therefore, our tuition programme will nurture your child to become a critical thinker and organised.

Why Join our Lower Sec Humanities Tuition

How your child will benefit from our tuition

Our Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition strives to nurture your child to become a competent writer, critical thinker and innovative learner. Through these three desired learning objectives, our tuition programme will demonstrate how your child can strengthen his or her fundamentals of the English Language, which will be applied to the analysis of visual-based and text information in History and Geography.

Become Competent Writers

We train your child to become a competent writer by establishing a sound foundation in the English Language, such as the comprehension of grammar rules and broadening of vacabulary knowledge for eloquent expression.

Nurture Critical Thinkers

We teach your child to be more observant towards the use of keywords and ideas expressed in the given information for Geography and History, such that he or she can detect the nuances and uncover the underlying ideas.

Cultivate Innovative Learners

We nurture your child to be creative by providing him or her with the freedom for expression of ideas during class activities, such as discussion of past historical events. Class discussions serve as opportunities for growth.

How to improve with our Lower Sec Humanities Tuition?

Our useful learning resources

In addition to the information found at SGEducators, you can also tap on the vast pool of online resources to support your child’s academic endeavours. SGEducators is a part of an interconnected education network that features Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition, study tips, syllabus information and other helpful advice that will prove beneficial in this ecnriching journey.


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