June Holiday Free Enrichment Programme
June Holiday Free Enrichment Programme

FREE SGEducators June Enrichment Programme

Inspiring Young and Inquisitive Learners

Sign up for our FREE SGEducators June Enrichment Programme targeted to primary school students. The programme aims to help primary students to have an enriching and fruitful school vacation. During this programme we are delighted to share with you 3 distinctive workshops which cover three subjects of Primary English, Math and Science. This can help your child get inspired to explore the topics and develop the answering skills to ace the PSLE. Come browse through the class schedule and indicate your interest to enrol your child for the exciting programme.

This June Enrichment Programme comprises of the Primary English Creative Writing Workshop, Primary Math Problem-Solving Skills Workshop and Primary Science Exam-Skills Workshop. By enrolling your child in these exam-focused and skills-oriented classes, we hone your child’s thinking and writing skills to meet the demands of the PSLE English, Math and Science questions. Additionally, we enable your child to utilise Online Learning Features to engage in educational activities and revise for the examinations effectively. Get started in this fascinating journey today.

What We Teach

What we do during these free enrichment programmes

To achieve the above-mentioned learning objectives, our school holiday workshops feature enriching class activities. The enrichment workshops comprise of Primary English Creative Writing, Primary Math Problem Solving Skills and Primary Science Answering Techniques.As such, this will provide the much-needed exposure to reinforce your child’s revision efforts in the study of primary English, Math and Science. Read more to find out what we do during these workshops that will stoke your child’s interest towards the subjects such that he or she develops the passion to learn inquisitively and wholeheartedly and advances towards the goal of academic success for PSLE.

Primary English Creative Writing - Primary English Tuition Singapore

Primary English Creative Writing Workshop

Our Primary English Creative Writing Skills Workshop focuses on the development of effective reading and writing techniques such that your child expands the capacity for creative expression. These are important skills to help your child be able to achieve excellence for the primary English composition writing questions.

 Primary Math Problem Solving Skills - Primary Math Tuition

Primary Math Problem Solving Skills Workshop

The Primary Math Problem Solving Skills Workshop introduces a wide range of practice questions to raise your child’s examination confidence when attempting Paper 2 questions. This is because our classes are useful in providing a thorough revision in the coverage of key topics like Fraction, Ratio and Whole Numbers based on modified past examination questions.

Primary Science Answering Techniques - Primary Science Tuition

Primary Science Answering Techniques Workshop

Our Primary Science Answering Techniques Workshops will examine structured questions that are found in the Paper 2 component of the PSLE Science. The lessons include summary discussions and conceptual explanation in order to guide your child through the study of essential chapters such as Systems and Cycles.

Why Join Us

How our Enrichment Programmes will be beneficial to your child’s development

Get a headstart by registering your child for our Enrichment Programmes during the school vacation period this June as we guide your child through different fascinating aspects of English, Math and Science. As passionate tutors, we are committed to prepare your child for the challenges of the PSLE. We aim to nurture curious learners, develop proficient thinkers and cultivate confident writers where it will significantly impact your child’s development positively.

Nurture Curious Learners - Primary English Tuition Singapore

Nurture Curious Learners

We shape your child to develop an inquisitive mindset which is an important component for student to be able to explore new ideas and concepts effectively. Through interactive class discussions, we encourage your child to reflect observations and derive logical answers that will broaden his or her comprehension of topics.

Develop Proficient Thinkers - Primary Math Tuition

Develop Proficient Thinkers

We guide your child to develop systematic thinking where he or she is able to effortlessly generate ideas on a topic of discussion and organise the points to form clear answers. Furthermore, our combined usage of online learning resources and class-based practices will demonstrate how your child can make full use of the available information to expand on the answers meticulously.

Cultivate Confident Writers - Primary Science Tuition

Cultivate Confident Writers

We nurture your child to become a confident writer by building on the desire for self-expression which is an essential part of a child’s development. Our immersive and conducive learning environment enables your child to refine writing skills since he or she will be attempting a wide range of exam-based questions to help prepare your child to be able to handle the demands of the PSLE productively.

Featured Articles

Get tips to aid your child’s study of Primary English, Math & Science

Get advice from our primary tutors with the following featured articles found in this section. We cover Primary English, Math and Science tuition related topics based on the upcoming three workshops that are free for registration. For instance, we will examine the importance of Creative Writing and how our Workshop will impart your child with the reading, writing and speaking skills for creative expression.

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