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JC Mathematics Tuition, Singapore

Establish a strong foundation in Mathematics

JC mathematics can be a big hurdle for many JC students as the difficulty is tremendously increased compared to O level mathematics and additional mathematics. Keeping in mind the various learning challenges many JC students have, the featured programmes of SGEducators are introduced to help students overcome these challenges and excel in their examinations.

Aims of JC Math Tuition

What students will expect from JC Math Tuition

Students enrolled in the JC Math Tuition programme will enhance their learning through attending instructional lessons conducted by our professional tutors. The JC mathematics tuition programmes featured by SGEducators aim to train students in attaining mastery in mathematics, develop mathematics confidence, and becoming competent mathematics learners.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Tuition - Attain mastery in mathematics

Attain mastery in mathematics

The JC Math Tuition programme examine each student’s strengths and weaknesses and train them to be more aware of them. Once that is done, the tutors, together with the students, will explore different methods to make their learning more effective. As JC mathematics largely relies intricate problem-solving skills, students have to constantly practise on areas which they are weak in.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Tuition - Develop mathematics confidence

Develop mathematics confidence

A large factor that affects a student’s ability to perform well in mathematics is their confidence. The programmes featured by SGEducators focus on building the problem-solving and time-management skills such that they will no longer dread mathematics. With the heightened sense of assurance that they can do well in mathematics, they are more capable of performing well for the examination.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Tuition - competent & confident Math learners

Become competent & confident Math learners

Students who attend the JC math tuition will attain a well-rounded awareness of the various math concepts, like Vectors and Complex Numbers, through the examination of different question types of varying difficulties. The cultivation of familiarity to questions will help students to become confident learners of Mathematics.

Features of our Programme

What learning strategies will students expect?

To assist students in their academic endeavours, SGEducators provides a comprehensive range of learning resources and materials. The tutors also play important role in constantly assessing the students’ progress and ensuring that they keep up to the pace of the lessons held.

Discussion of Practice Questions

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Tuition - Discussion of Practice Questions

Mathematics is a subject that requires great deal of practice and applications in order to master. Therefore, a large bulk of the lesson time is spent discussing on mathematics-related question so as to allow students to start applying their mathematical concepts from day one.

Attend exam-focused lesson

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Tuition - Attend exam-focused lesson

One of the core reasons why many students join the programmes featured by SGEducators is the desire to ace their school exams and A level mathematics. Therefore, the tutors guide the students in developing the necessary skills to apply concepts to exam questions such that they are never unprepared for examination.

Receive concise notes and revision tips

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Tuition - Receive concise notes and revision tips

Students enrolled in our programmes will expect to receive notes meticulously prepared by our tutors. Information is streamlined to enable students to re-direct their focus on the key areas of learning. Armed with a revision guide, students will be able to enhance and optimise their revision.

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A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) Syllabus

Stay prepared and familiar with mathematics paper

The A level Mathematics is a demanding subject that requires students to master many new and complex mathematics concepts. Students will have to expect more questions that demand the application of mathematics in the real world context in fields such as engineering, computing, etc.

H2 Mathematics (9758)

Based on the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), the H2 Mathematics examination comprises of two 3-hour papers, in which each occupies 50% of the overall grade.

Paper 1 Pure Mathematics

For Paper 1, students have to answer 10 to 12 questions that are based on the Pure Mathematics component of the syllabus.

For Pure Mathematics,  some of the topics covered would require prior knowledge from O Level Mathematics, particularly Additional Mathematics. This section covers areas, such as Functions and graphs, Sequences and series, Vectors, Introduction to complex numbers and Calculus.

Paper 2 Probability & Statistics

For Paper 2, students have to answer 4 to 5 Pure Mathematics questions and 6 to 8 Probability and Statistics questions. Similar to Paper 1, there will be at least two application-based questions tested and these questions may integrate multiple topics.

For Probability and Statistics, the section covers probability, discrete random variables, normal distribution, sampling, hypothesis testing and correlation and linear regression.

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H1 Mathematics (8865)

The H1 mathematics examination comprises of one 3-hour paper, separated into two sections: Section A and Section B.

Section A Pure Mathematics

Section A (40%) consists of questions based on the Pure Mathematics component of the syllabus. The Pure Mathematics section covers areas such as Functions and graphs and Calculus.

Section B Probability & Statistics

Section B (60%) comprises of questions based on the Probability and Statistics component of the syllabus. The Probability and Statistics section covers areas such as Probability, Binomial distribution, Normal distribution, Sampling, Hypothesis testing, Correlation and linear regression.

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