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Comprehend the past and present

A Level History (9752/8814) is viewed upon by some students as a content-heavy subject that can be mastered by rote learning and memorization of content. While there is some truth, particularly in terms of placing more emphasis on the understanding of factual information than the science-related subjects, students should bear in mind the importance of developing critical thinking and on-point writing skills to achieve the elusive, yet feasible goal of scoring at the examinations. Students that enrol in the JC History tuition classes will build up the above-mentioned and other skills whilst under the supervision and guidance of tutors.

Aims of JC History Tuition

Raise your writing competency level for A Level History

The role of the JC History tutors is not solely based on the imparting of knowledge. Rather, students will fulfil other learning objectives, like the cultivation of writing proficiency and the innate passion for learning. Through wholesome and engaging class activities, students will discover the wondrous and intriguing facets of History, thus building up the interest to pursue education meaningfully.

Accumulate knowledge of historical developments

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level History Tuition - knowledge of historical developments

The fundamentals of A Level History involves the comprehension of historical facts. To facilitate the conduct of constructive and meaningful discussions in classes, students will be introduced to various chapters in the International History and post-independent Southeast Asian History themes. References made to the key arguments held by different schools of thought will aid students in knowing the significance of issues, thereby reinforcing their understanding of historical events and developments in the past and present.

Be exam ready

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level History Tuition - Be exam ready

Exam preparation is achieved through consistent practice of essay and source based questions. Students will develop specific skillsets to handle the requirements of these two key components. For essay questions, students are taught to organize their ideas, broaden the discussion of questions, and strengthen their arguments. For source based questions, students will learn to piece the information from the given extracts and derive the implication of evidence. The use of example questions will aid their efforts to hone these skills.

Inspire the inner historian in you

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level History Tuition - inner historian in you

In addition to the main objective of acing the A Level History examinations, students will develop the interest for learning the subject. The purpose is ignite the intrinsic motivation within students and provide them with the impetus to strive for the best in all that they do, be it the pursuit of knowledge or the development of writing precision. During the JC History tuition classes, the tutors will pose questions to students and encourage them to express their viewpoints confidently. By doing so, students will develop opinionated and critical thinking skills.

Features of our Programme

Experience History lessons like no other

The JC History tuition programmes offer a broad range of learning features to enrich the minds of JC students as they explore the historical events and perspectives found in the teaching curriculum. Over time, the tutors have compiled, refined, and structured the learning resources to update students on the latest exam trends. Therefore, students can utilize these materials and focus their energies on the mastery of thinking and writing skills to fulfil their own academic aims.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level History Tuition - Access reliable revision materials

Access reliable revision materials

Given the vast pool of content made available and accessible to anyone who desires to study History, some students lack a clear sense of direction on the method and purpose of study. As such, the tutors have prepared study materials that encompass timeline, factor identification, examples and analysis of arguments. The content is shaped in a concise form to enable students to answer exam questions directly.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level History Tuition - reliable source of learning support

Tap on a reliable source of learning support

The educational journey is fraught with obstacles, like the inability to comprehend the underlying importance of historical events and arguments put forth by leading schools of thought. Therefore, students can engage the tutors in the JC History tuition programmes by asking questions to clarify doubts. Also, the tutors can guide students on the answering approach and organization of points.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - A Level History Tuition - wide range of question types

Exposure to wide range of question types

Mastery of the A Level History subject is attained through familiarity of questions. Students will examine and attempt numerous questions, either from past exam questions or modified by tutors, to reduce their apprehension towards the examination. As the answers for the essays and source based questions will be reviewed by the tutors, students can assess their own revision progress consistently.

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Advance your learning with us

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A Level History Syllabus (9752/8814)

Recognise the importance of learning History

Contrary to common perceptions, the information found in the A Level History syllabus holds much value in guiding students through the process of reading, understanding, and applying the knowledge. For those who are unsure on identifying the significance and nuances of the changes to the syllabus content as of 2017, the JC History tutors will point out to students and parents on the distinctive changes and explain how students can prepare themselves adequately.

H2 History (9752)

For H2 History students, two broad areas are featured, which are assessed in two papers. As for the mode of assessment, H2 History students are tasked to complete two separate papers. Both papers are in the same format. In one paper, students must select 1 out of 2 essay questions to answer, as well as the completion of a compulsory source based question. Each paper (Paper 1 and 2) is to be completed within 3 hours.

Paper 1 Shaping the International Order

In Paper 1 (Shaping the International Order), students will study the Cold War, Global Economy and International Peace and Security.

Paper 2 Making of Independent Southeast Asia

In Paper 2 (Making of independent Southeast Asia), students will examine political structures, economic development and models, and regional conflicts and cooperation.

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H1 History (8814)

H1 History students will attempt one paper that involves a source based question and essay writing component within 3 hours.

Syllabus Content

For H1 History students, only International History (1945-2000) will be covered in their area of learning. Similar to the H2 counterparts, four themes are featured in this theme.

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