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SGEducators features GP tuition classes for JC students to enrich their learning and refine their application skills to prepare them to score at the A Level General Paper (8807) examination. GP tutors at the featured tuition centres offer comprehensive teaching programmes that facilitate knowledge acquisition and issue-based discussion. Along the educational journey, students will maximize their learning potentials and emerge as prolific writers and reflective thinkers of the 21st Century.

Aims of JC GP Tuition

How students will gain from the GP tuition classes

As one of the core subjects that most JC students are required to study, students will gain a broader understanding of issues in many angles, like economics, social, and cultural. In addition to the central goal of aiding students to ace the A Level General Paper (8807) examination, the GP tutors encourage the pursuit of purposeful learning.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Junior College General Paper Tuition - Achieve academic excellence

Achieve academic excellence

During the GP tuition, students will undergo an intensive learning programme that promotes opinionated thinking, which is critical in facilitating idea generation and perspective setting for GP essays. As for GP comprehension, students will develop and refine specific answering techniques, like inference and information extraction. Hence, students are competent and ready to excel at the examination.

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Junior College General Paper Tuition - Nurture inquisitive learners

Nurture inquisitive learners

As educators, the GP tutors recognize the value of education, in which students should embark on this experiential journey with an inquisitive attitude. By doing so, the passion for learning will spur them to push beyond the restrictive boundaries set by the A Level GP curriculum. The GP tutors value students who dare to try and ask questions as it enables students to grow and improve intellectually.

Features of our Programme

Exploring global issues creatively and purposefully

The GP tuition offers a broad range of features to engage JC students meaningfully and effectively. Over time, the GP tutors have improved the teaching content and curriculum structure to match the latest examination trends and syllabus requirements. The ever-growing desire for excellence is embodied in the learning resources handed to students and teaching methodology employed by the GP tutors.

Hone application skills

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Junior College General Paper Tuition - Hone application skills

The GP tuition classes are focused on the development of GP essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques to fulfil the academic aspiration of students at the examination. The GP tutors adopt easy-to-follow teaching approaches that enable students to acquire the skills progressively.

Access revision materials

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Junior College General Paper Tuition - Access revision materials

The GP tutors provide learning resources to aid students in their revision, comprising of GP notes, essays and comprehension questions. The notes are organized into specific themes, like culture and environment. Also, students can attempt practice questions to raise their writing proficiency.

Encourage spontaneous thinking

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Junior College General Paper Tuition - Encourage spontaneous thinking

GP tutors advocate active class participation as students will strengthen their thinking reflexes by tackling complex and contentious GP issues, like environmentalism and cultural erosion. In the process, students will develop the acute thinking and writing abilities that are crucial for exam application.

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A Level GP Syllabus 8807

What students should expect in their study of General Paper

A Level General Paper (8807) is the ultimate test of a student’s ability to think critically and to be able to form cogent arguments to be able to bring across their ideas to the reader in a concise manner. It consists of 2 papers, totalling 100 marks.

Paper 1 Essay

Paper 1 is the essay component. Here, students will be tasked to pick and answer 1 question out of a total of 12 questions. These 12 questions are based on different issues across multiple disciplines. Students are given an hour and 30 minutes to complete writing 1 essay.

Paper 2 Comprehension

Paper 2 is a comprehension paper consisting of one or two comprehension passages which covers various language skills such as inference and literal comprehension. Students will also be graded on their ability to summarise and apply knowledge gleaned from the passages to given real world contexts. The time allocated for this paper is 1h 30minutes as well.

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