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JC Tuition in SGEducators

Learning beyond classrooms

Our JC tuition programmes expose students to the world outside of their classroom and the syllabus. They are designed to enrich their educational journey. Our effective tuition programmes have proven results over the years and they have shown to have benefitted countless numbers of students.

GCE A Level preparation

Knowing what lies ahead

JC education will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging periods in a student’s life. It is a culmination of whatever knowledge and skills students have acquired over their primary and secondary education. The JC syllabus is designed to sieve out the best students, and because of this, many have fallen behind not because they lack the capabilities to do well, but because they are often not receiving the right help and advice. Our tutors are well positioned to help JC students excel during their 2 years. Our tutors are highly experienced and competent. They are well trained to pick out student’s weakness so that they can help improve upon it.

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At the same time, our tutors will serve as mentors for students, developing them not only academically but holistically so that they are not only prepared for A levels but also for life after A levels. Our JC tuition presents JC students with the most comprehensive education package which covers carefully designed tuition classes, educational materials that advance their learning processes, top notch JC tuition centres and extensive coverage of syllabus changes. We want to empower students to excel in their A level examinations.

Exam oriented classes

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Junior College Tuition - Exam oriented classes

Our tuition programmes are focused on preparing JC students for their A level examinations. Our class programmes and materials are all in accordance with the A level examination format so that students will be familiar with the various question types and format of the paper. On top of that, tutors customize each lesson to tailor to the different learning abilities of students so that they can learn at a comfortable and effective pace.

Extensive educational materials

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Junior College Tuition - Extensive educational materials

The provision of educational materials will help to strengthen student’s learning abilities. Our educational materials consist of E-learning programmes, online notes, online practice papers, and many more educational resources. We believe these learning resources will help to enhance learning and at the same time make it more productive for students. Our educational materials are crafted carefully by tutors and education experts and they are reviewed on a constant basis to ensure its relevancy with the syllabus.

Uncovering the significance of A Level subjects

SGEducators Tuition Singapore - Junior College Tuition - A Level subjects

JC Tuition Singapore features the A Level syllabus information, which is derived from the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). We believe that students should be aware of the areas of study so that they realise the importance of exploring certain chapters and topics. Also, it is essential for students to know the examination format, such as the type of questions and mark allocation, to undertake an elaborate revision plan.

JC Tuition Programmes

What are the programmes that JC students can join

Our JC tuition programme offered by our partners covers many different subjects. Classes are conducted by accomplished tutors who have an excellent track record.
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JC GP tuition

JC GP tutors will expose students to an array of current affairs issues on top of honing their writing skills so that students will be competent in the paper.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - JC Economics Tuition Icon

JC Economics tuition

Our economics tutors will help students develop a deeper understanding of the economic technicalities and concepts so that they will be fully prepared for the paper.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - JC Mathematics Tuition Icon

JC Maths tuition

JC math tutors will help students to improve their reasoning through mathematical means and so that they will be trained to apply these concepts masterly.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - JC Chemistry Tuition Icon

JC Chemistry tuition

During chemistry tuition, tutors will engage student’s interest in the subject through meaningful class activities while at the same time focusing on preparing them for the chemistry examination.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - JC History Tuition Icon

JC History tuition

Our JC history tutors will help students grow their intellectual acuity in history through providing them with the necessary content knowledge and skills needed to tackle the different question types.

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Achieve your A in JC

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