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JC Tuition

Embark on Our Aspired Learning Journey

Be involved in our JC Tuition Programme and gain exposure in the necessary academic skills and techniques to take one demanding questions requirements of GCE A Level. Our tutora are trained to struture your learning progressively such that you are constantly stretching your academic modes of thinking and putting your concept development into an ever-expanding question applications.

What We Teach for JC Tuition

Our useful learning resources

At the JC levels, our tutors understand the common problems of many students – e.g. failure to adapt to the increasing study load and failure to comprehend advanced concepts. These academic fallacies often stem from poor fundamentals and hence our tutors strive to help students to correct these issues through our structured pedagogy that helps students to adapt to the stressful JC curriculum.

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GP Tuition

Our GP Tuition focus on the grasp of advanced linguistic skills and the development of general knowledge. Both of these factors are crucial in a JC student’s development as the syllabus demands high standards of skills and content.

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Economics Tuition

our Economics Tuition is objective in nurturing economic rationality in our students, which will aid them in comprehending intricate economic concepts and in constructing logical causation across topics and themes.

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JC Math Tuition

At our JC Math Tuition, students should expect thorough question applications to consolidate their academic learning and learn to develop creative and abstract mathematical thoughts in topics such as Calculus and Vectors.

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JC Chemistry Tuition

Through our JC Chemistry Tuition, students will thrive in various chemistry concept development and reinforce their application skills as they undergo our rigorous lesson plan which challenges their acumen in the chemistry field.

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JC Physics Tuition

JC Physics students often discover ease of understanding in the complex physics notions upon taking our classes as our tutors are able to synthesise simple teachings to enable better concept visualisation and thematic application.

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JC Biology Tuition

At our JC Biology Tuition, we aim to push our students past their academic limits and inculcate positive learning in Biology. Our tutors dedicate their teachings to helping students to attain a good grasp in the tedioussyllabus.

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JC History Tuition

Our JC History tutors are motivated to improve your exam grades through our intensive programme of knowledge culmination and logic alignments in the modern history syllabus.

Other Benefits of Our JC Tuition

To motivate your child’s learning, we decided to introduce supplementary benefits to our core education programme and promote further learning. Our benefits are created with the intention to cultivate productive learning and reduce revision duration to spur more time for practices in complex questions.

Free Holiday Programmes

Treat yourself with our FREE holiday programme during the crucial periods of March and June, where your child will participate in skills development workshops and knowledge enrichment classes to raise their learning level to the next stage.

Free Monthly Workshops

Enjoy our FREE Monthly Workshops and challenge yourself to become better with advices from our academic pundits. You will find yourself develop as a sensible individual and learn to be adapted to the stressful JC environment.

Free Educational Guides

As part of our tuition programme, you will also be bestowed with our FREE Educational Guies, which are targeted to enhance your revision progress and streamline your productivity levels – an essential skill in managing heavy workloads in schools.


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