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JC History Tuition

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In preparation for the 2019 GCE A Level History examinations, we will be comprehensive JC 1 and JC 2 History Tuition programmes, covering content revision, tutorials and FREE skills development classes. Sign up for the Term 1 2019 classes to be ready for the challenges ahead!

In our integrated online learning platforms, you can learn more about the International History (Paper 1 for H2 History students), which features the Cold War and the Global Economy. For the Cold War, we cover the Emergence of Bipolarity after WWII, A World Divided by the Cold War [namely the Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War] and the End of Bipolarity.  For the Global Economy, we feature the Reasons for the Growth of the Global Economy, Problems of the Global Economy and the Rise of the Asian Tigers [specifically, South Korea and Taiwan].

As committed and passionate tutors, we believe that the learning experience should be made enjoyable and meaningful. Harness the visually-attractive and interactive features of technology to augment your studies. By doing so, you can improve knowledge retention and skills application. Sign up for our JC History Tuition classes and put your newfound knowledge to practice by attempting a wide range of A Level History essays and source based case study questions. We offer FREE writing workshops and practices for students who join our regular tuition classes. Don’t hesitate any further. Get started now!


Why Join our JC History Tuition

How your child will benefit from our tuition

Sign up for our JC History Tuition and let us nurture your child to become a critical thinker, motivated learner and prolific writer. During the tuition programme, our tutors will introduce distinctive and effective class activities that cover thematic class discussion of historical issues, development of sound JC History essay writing and source based case study question answering skills. In this section, you can learn more about the following three learning objectives to instil your child with a positive mindset and learning behaviour.


Nurture Critical Thinkers

We train your child to become a critical thinker by engaging in active discussions with the tutors and fellow students to analyze past historical issues. We also teach your child to perceive incidents from different angles.


Cultivate Motivated Learners

We teach your child to become a motivated learner by creating a conducive environment to attempt questions boldly without fear of making mistakes. By doing so, your child will develop the confidence to handle uncertainties.


Train Prolific Writers

We nurture your child to become a prolific writer by engaging in regular and extensive class practices for JC History Essays and SBQs, which will be marked and reviewed by the tutors for examination revision.


How to improve with our JC History Tuition?

Our useful learning resources

In addition to the features of our JC History Tuition programme at SGEducators, you can also tap on the vast learning resources found in the integrated learning portals, like Tampines Tuition Centre, JC Tuition Hub and JC Tuition Singapore. Within each portal, you can search for useful tips, updates to the syllabus requirements and more information about the JC History Tuition programmes available for registration.


JC History Tuition

Enrol in the JC History Tuition classes at Bedok, Bishan and Tampines to become competent in tackling complex essay and source based case study questions. We will prepare your child for the school and final examinations.

Tampines Tuition Centre

Sign up for JC History Tuition at Tampines Tuition Centre, which an education centre for students who are located in the Eastern part of Singapore, like Bedok, Tampines, Simei and Pasir Ris.

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Learn more about the latest syllabus requirements for H1 and H2 History at JC Tuition Singapore, which is a level-specific portal for students to receive guidance from tutors that provide JC tuition at Bedok and Tampines.

JC Tuition Hub

Be informed and aware of the latest examination trends for A Level History at JC Tuition Hub, which is a portal for students to derive a better understanding of the question setting trends and apply for JC tuition programmes at Bedok.

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