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GP Tuition

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Join our GP Tuition at Tampines, Bedok and Bishan at the JC level to prepare your child for the A levels. SGEducators provides a well-planned tuition programme to build thinking, writing and communication skills for your child to be equipped with the adequate skills and knowledge to ace the exams.


Why Join our GP Tuition

How your child will benefit from our tuition

Our GP tuition aims to have students understand real world issues and be able to put to words their opinions on these issues, to better and to substantiate their essays. In addition, we build our students’ comprehension answering and essay writing skills by providing during lesson and outside of lesson time practices and help from tutors.


SGEducators Tuition Singapore -GP Tuition - Obtain mathematical knowledge

Understand Real World Issues With Our Class Discussion

We believe that GP is not only a subject which tests on language. It also involves a lot of thinking and understanding of real life issues, which students are expected to know of and have opinions on. Hence, we conduct our classes such that we discuss about these issues frequently to build on your child’s knowledge.


SGEducators Tuition Singapore - GP Tuition - Reinforce math concepts

Acquire Writing Proficiency With Our GP Essay Writing Skills Development

We plan classes for students to score well for their essay component of GP. These lessons will have content development first so that students can build on their knowledge and to have their arguments for different areas of discussions. In addition to this, we have lessons catered to organising thoughts and arguments to build the best essay they can.


SGEducators Tuition Singapore -GP Tuition - Obtain mathematical knowledge

Achieve Compentency With Our GP Comprehension Answering Skills Development

There are also lessons just for building comprehension answering skills for students. We have students learn about how to read and annotate passages so that they can be more efficient in understanding the passage and to answer questions the best way and the quickest way they can to beat the time crunch that many students have problems overcoming.


SGEducators Tuition Singapore - GP Tuition - Reinforce math concepts

Be Exam-Ready With Our ‘Study With Simon’ Programme

One of the biggest problems we realise students have is allocating time to practice essay writing and comprehension answering because there are so many other subjects to handle in JC. Hence, we provide students with the space to do so with the guidance of our tutor, Simon, so that they can do their work and being able to ask for help on the spot.


What’s New About GP Tuition At

Our GP tuition will be going through how Science and Technology affects our lives in all aspects. This can be seen from articles that we have written as part of the discussion at other GP related portals. It is advisable for you to read these articles to widen your knowledge on this area.

How to improve with our GP Tuition?

Our useful learning resources

Join any of these GP Tuition centres to better your GP so that you can do well for the A Level General Paper. Our centres will build your content knowledge and answering skills so that you can be more confident in your GP skills.


Tampines Tuition Centre

Join us at Tampines Tuition Centre which is located at tampines, bedok and bishan where students will be prepped for the PSLE, O levels and A levels so that they can get the best results.

GP Tuition @

General Paper tuition singapore is based at tampines, bedok and bishan, where JC tuition can seek help to better their GP knowledge and skills so that they can score for the A levels.

GP Tuition Singapore

GP Tuition Singapore is a tuition centre for students to have extra help in their General paper so that they can seek advice and guidance, to be better and stronger in their language and answering skills.

GP Tuition Bishan

GP Tuition Bishan is located in Bishan, Tampines and Bedok and is a centre where students can build content and answering skills so that they can be better in the subject.

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