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FREE Creative Writing Workshops for Kids

Shaping your child to become a confident and expressive Writer

Embark on an experiential writing journey with your child at our FREE Creative Writing Workshops for Kids. This programme will build up your child’s thinking and writing skills by examining the key aspects of primary school composition writing, such as brainstorming, reflection of topics and ideas, planning and content development. Under the guidance of passionate tutors, we are certain that your child will be intrigued and inspired to explore the fascinating field of Creative Writing, such that he/she become an Inquisitive Thinker, Organized Learner and Expressive Writer. 

Why Join our Creative Writing Workshops

How we shape your child to become a competent and prolific writer

During the Creative Writing Workshops, we expand your child’s capacity to think and reflect, organise and write, review and improve. These skills are essential in building up the fundamentals of writing that will improve your child’s efforts to not only create fascinating primary school composition, but also prepare him/her for the demands of the PSLE English examination. By joining the workshops, your child can acquire expressive writing skills, interact in an online Learning Group and be rewarded with exciting Educational Benefits (E-Benefits).

Acquire Writing Skills

Refine Writing Skills

We impart your child with the skills of writing by conducting class activities that promote reflective thinking and expressive writing, such that your child develops the confidence to write frequently. We introduce important aspects of writing, like idea generation, outline setting and paragraph development. Furthermore, we teach your child to embellish the composition with interesting features, like usage of quotations and caption writing to accompany graphics illustrations. 

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Join the Creative Writers Learning Group

Your child will be invited to join the Creative Writers Learning Group, which is accessible in our very own educational online community, known as WhyLearn. As a member of this exclusive learning group, your child can harness the interactive writing tools to publish articles, interact with fellow like-minded and passionate young writers and participate in educational events. In addition, your child can share and describe pictures of interest in the Gallery feature. All in all, this online group is a conducive environment for learning and writing.

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Learn and Be Rewarded

Your child’s active participation in the Creative Writers Learning Group will be recognised as points and redemption codes are awarded to your child, such that attractive rewards can be claimed. We have many educational benefits available for redemption, such as Educational Guides (E-Guides), Online Learning Practices (MCQs) and Giveaways. Let your child explore our engaging online community and accumulate points meaningfully and be rewarded for his/her efforts to improve writing skills. 

Class Activities

What we do during the Creative Writing Workshops

In this section, you can find out more about some of the interesting activities that will be conducted during our Creative Writing Workshops for Kids that are effective in improving your child’s thinking and writing abilities for creative expression. These activities include Brainstorming for Idea Generation, Caption Writing for Descriptive Illustration and Usage of Literary Devices for Expressive Writing. In a step-by-step learning process, we guide your child through the study and application of each skill, such that he/she can utilise it confidently and effectively even after the Workshops.

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Brainstorming for Idea Generation

We teach your child to think about any interesting topics that are relatable to his/her own personal experiences. By doing so, your child will develop the ability to form and expand ideas that can be used for Creative Writing and Primary School Composition. We provide a list of possible topics that will support your child’s exploration of ideas and demonstrate how these ideas can be used to expand the discussion before writing.

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Caption Writing for Descriptive Illustration

We guide your child in the understanding of ‘captions’, which are used to accompany the featured images in various contexts, such as newspapers, magazines and even online sites. We introduce to your child the features of a caption. To support this process, we encourage your child to take photos and select an image of interest, such that he/she can generate ideas on how to describe the image. Caption writing is an interesting way to showcase your child’s descriptive writing before reading the main body content. 

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Use of Literary Devices for Creative Expression

We also introduce the use of literary devices that will aid your child in creating a captivating and meaningful article. The Workshops will cover different features, like metaphors and similes, which are illustrated with example sentences. We teach your child how to form paragraphs with these expressive writing skills through short practices in class. Furthermore, our lessons also include the use of quotes to emphasize on important parts of his/her writing, similar to how quotes are used in news reports, to demonstrate real world application.

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Shaping Creative Writers

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