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Primary Tuition Singapore

Build up a stable and strong foundation

Primary Tuition Singapore was set up as a credible online education portal to give students the head-start they need, to excel in their educational journey at the primary level. Given the competitive environment and fast-paced teaching in primary schools, students can tap on the primary English, Math and Science tuition classes offered at the featured centres to overcome their learning difficulties. In addition, the tutors conduct revision classes to prepare students for the high-stakes Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - Primary Tuition Singapore Logo

Features of Pri Tuition SG

How our learning portal can support students

Primary Tuition Singapore contains many useful features that guide students through the uncertainties of learning something new, such as the syllabus requirements. Also, we feature some of the best primary tuition centres in Singapore that conduct English, Math, and Science classes.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE Syllabus

Primary Syllabus

The major hurdle at the primary level is the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), which is held at the end of the 6-year journey. Parents should examine the primary syllabus to obtain a clearer understanding of the English, Math, and Science exam formats.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - Primary Tuition Programme

Tuition Programme

We offer primary English, Math, and Science tuition classes for students who require close guidance and assistance in their study. Parents can be assured that their children are in good hands as the classes will raise confidence and competency level to be ready for the exam.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - Top Pri Tuition Centres & Tutors

Top Tuition Centres & Tutors

This learning portal features primary tuition centres situated in different parts of Singapore, like Bishan, Bukit Timah, and Tampines. Parents can enrol their children in these centres and clarify their doubts over the PSLE and other subject matters with experienced tutors.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - Primary Education News

Primary Education News

Here you will have access to a wide array of interesting news articles pertaining to primary education news. Be in the know, and find out what’s trending amongst primary school students and more! Discover more of what primary education has to offer with us.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE E Learning Resources

Pri E Learning Resources

Primary Tuition Singapore offers many learning resources that are available online to support the revision process of students at the primary level. Ranging from online education videos to questions, students can undergo  exciting ways of exploring English, Math, and Science.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE Preparation

PSLE Preparation

As the major goal of the primary education, the learning portal offers resources for PSLE preparation, like study tips to read about, and classes to refine specific skillsets for English, Math and Science subjects. Through these activities, students will be confident to tackle the questions.

PSLE Syllabus

What is the primary school education about?

Our learning portals are a part of SGEducators and they offer a wide range of educational materials for students as well as parents so that students will be able to enhance their studying methods and parents will be able to keep up to date with changes.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE English Syllabus

PSLE English Syllabus

The Primary English syllabus requires students to acquire skills of reading, writing and speaking. Set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), the Primary English consists of situational and continuous writing, language and comprehension, listening comprehension and oral communication.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE Math Syllabus

PSLE Math Syllabus

The primary math syllabus requires students to develop strong foundational mathematics concepts such as basic calculus. The primary math syllabus is set by SEAB and has 2 components, paper 1 and paper 2. It consists of multiple choice, short structured and short answer questions.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE Science Syllabus

PSLE Science Syllabus

The primary science syllabus aims to equip students with analytical, evaluation, observation and inference skills through the wide coverage of 5 themes: Diversity, Cycles, Systems, Interactions and Energy. It consists of 2 components, Booklet A and B  that comprises of multiple choice and open ended questions. It is also important to note that the study of science will only be introduced from Primary 3 onwards.

Primary Tuition

Learn purposefully

We offer a list of tuition classes for various primary level subjects that students can enrol in, namely English, Math and Science. These classes are focused on exam preparation through class practice and topical teaching.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE English Tuition

Primary English Tuition

In our Pri English tuition programme, students will be taught essential examination skills needed to excel in PSLE. During their initial years, students will be building upon their foundations in grammar and vocabulary through reading, writing and speaking.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE Math Tuition

Primary Math Tuition

In primary mathematics tuition classes, students will be introduced to key mathematical concepts that will form the basis of their mathematical knowledge. Tutors will  focus on honing student’s proficiency in mathematics through practice questions and study techniques.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore - PSLE Science Tuition

Primary Science Tuition

Science at the primary level aims to cultivate student’s skills in analysing, inferring and evaluating. During the pri science tuition, scientific concepts will be presented to students in an interesting manner and they will be tasked with applying it to real world examples.  

Featured Primary Tuition Centres

Receive quality education

Primary Tuition Singapore feature essential information on a range of top-tier primary tuition centres that incorporate varied teaching approaches and fun-filled class activities in their tuition classes to ensure students get the most out of every lesson. Our panel of tuition centres are headed by renowned tutors who are backed by years of experience.

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Through the introduction of a myriad of teaching approaches and activities, students will be imparted with skills of  information extraction, problem assessment and point elaboration. During school holidays, enrichment classes, workshops, excursions and many other events are conducted to help students unwind and make the best use of their free time. Students of these tuition centres have also benefitted and improved immensely from their tuition programmes. Our tuition classes listed prepares students for excellence for PSLE.