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Bringing out the best in students

The pre-tertiary stage is arguably the most crucial point of one’s education journey as it prepares students for university education. At the JC level, it is most advisable for students to enrol in JC tuition as this stage of education requires extensive guidance preparation, which renowned SG tutors can help in.

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At the A Level examination, the questions tested may appear vastly different from the conventional examination questions found on past school papers. Questions can be set or phrased in a peculiar way that creates apprehension. Critical thinking and analysis are required for students to perform effectively in the examination. Hence, it is essential that students possess effective study plans and cultivate self-discipline to achieve the desired grades. SGEducators features learning resources and essential information on top JC tuition centres in Singapore that will guide and nurture students to attain academic excellence in the various subjects, such as General Paper, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and History.

SGEducators Tuition Hub Singapore - JC Tuition Singapore Logo

Features of JC Tuition Singapore

Achieving excellence in education and beyond

The learning portal comprise of many distinctive features, syllabus requirements and the available tuition classes, to support the process of understanding concepts and application abilities.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Syllabus

JC Syllabus

Read up on the A Level syllabus and find out more about the latest requirements set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). Then, students can undergo revision purposefully.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Tuition Programme

JC Tuition Programme

Embark on the A Level revision effectively by joining the JC tuition classes offered at the tuition centres. We offer topical revision, conceptual illustration and the provision of learning materials.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - Top JC Tuition Centres & Tutors

Top Tuition Centres & Tutors

Register with the JC tuition centres featured in Singapore to streamline your comprehension process and refine the application skills. Students can consult the tutors to clarify doubts on the concepts.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - JC Education News

JC Education News

Get extensive coverage on all that is happening within the JC level. From syllabus updates to exciting events happening around Junior colleges in Singapore, you will never miss out on anything on our learning portal.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - JC E Learning Resources

JC E Learning Resources

Undergo an enriching and exciting learning experience by tapping on the e learning resources found in this learning portal. We offer online lesson materials, practice questions and educational videos to revise for exams.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - Career & Academic Guidance

Career & Academic Guidance

Get started with the career and academic preparation via the learning portal features. Gain insights on the key concerns, like the selection of suitable subjects to expand career prospects.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Preparation

A Level Preparation

Raise the level of exam proficiency of JC subjects, like General Paper and Economics, via the A Level revision plans prepared by the featured JC tuition centres. We offer intensive revision to refine the exam skills of students.

A Level Syllabus

Knowing the challenges before you

JC Tuition Singapore features A Level syllabus information to provide students and parents with the latest details pertaining to the areas of learning for subjects like General Paper and Economics. Also, students can identify the key exam components and recognize the importance of the tuition programmes in preparing them for the obstacles ahead.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level GP Syllabus

A Level GP Syllabus

General paper at the A levels is the ultimate test of a student’s ability to  think critically and to be able to form cogent arguments to be able to bring across their ideas to the reader in a concise manner. It consists of 2 papers, an essay and a comprehension component.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Economics Syllabus

A Level Economics Syllabus

The A Level Economics syllabus evaluates students extensively on their understanding and application of economic knowledge. The economics paper is offered in 2 levels, H1 and H2. For both H1 and H2 Economics, students will examine specific Microeconomics and Macroeconomics concepts, like Demand and Supply and Economic Growth respectively.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Maths Syllabus

A Level Maths Syllabus

Mathematics at the A levels is a culmination of whatever students have learnt so far, at the primary and secondary level and it aims to strengthen this foundation. A level mathematics is offered at 2 levels, H1 and H2 and covers pure Mathematics, probability and statistics.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Chemistry Syllabus

A Level Chemistry Syllabus

A level chemistry exposes students to an extensive range of concepts that strives to develop in students a deeper understand of the molecular world. Chemistry at the A levels is offered at 2 levels, H1 and H2. Differences between these 2 levels are attributed to the number of topics covered.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Physics Syllabus

A Level Physics Syllabus

A level Physics tests students knowledge and understanding of the physical nature of their surroundings to a much greater degree. It is offered at 2 levels, H1 and H2. The difference between H1 and H2 Physics can be seen in terms of the depth of teaching content and the types of questions set for the examinations.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level History Syllabus

A Level History Syllabus

A Level History tests students ability to draw examples and correlations from past historical experiences and evaluate it according to present world contexts. Students can either study H1 or H2 History, which is distinguished by the content covered at classes, like International History and Post-Independent South East Asian History.

JC Tuition

Ace the A Level examinations

Our tuition programmes are focused on preparing JC students for the A level examinations. Lessons offered by the featured cover a wide range of subjects from humanities like JC History to Economics. Classes are headed by highly competent tutors who have with them years of teaching experience. They have also guided countless numbers of students towards academic excellence. During lessons, students will be taught effective techniques and exam strategies to be able to maximise their marks for each paper. These lessons are supplemented with rigorous class practices as well as E-Learning programmes to further enhance the learning capabilities of students.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level GP Tuition

JC GP Tuition

JC GP can be a daunting subject without the proper guidance. Come experience what it is like to learn GP from the best at our GP tuition classes. Our exciting and enriching lessons taught by experienced tutors will help you achieve A in your GP paper.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A level Economics Tuition

JC Economics Tuition

The study of economics requires students to fully immerse themselves in the technicalities and concepts of economic principles. Economics is no doubt a content heavy subject and it is important for students to receive the proper coaching and materials so that they are fully prepared for their economics paper at our economics tuition classes.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Tuition

JC Math Tuition

Our tutors in our JC math classes aim to build upon student’s foundation to reason through mathematical means, formulate real world problems mathematically and to apply these mathematical concepts to a variety of issues.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Chemistry Tuition

JC Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry exposes students to the study of substances of which matter is composed. At our JC chemistry tuition classes, students taking chemistry can be assured of quality lessons that will aim to provide extensive coverage of the A level syllabus in an engaging manner.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Physics Tuition

JC Physics Tuition

In JC physics, student will be introduced to a whole gamut of topics that explain in great detail, the study of physics. It requires students to have a higher level of understanding as well as analytical, experimental, planning and observational skills. Our tutors in our Physics tuition programme will ensure each student is sufficiently quipped.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level History Tuition Icon

JCHistory Tuition

In JC history, students are tasked to be aware of the relevance past experiences have in our present world. Our JC history tuition programme prepares students for the history examinations in an exam oriented manner while at the same time allowing students the opportunity to discuss and voice their opinions on certain issues.

Featured JC Tuition Centres

Be inspired to learn

Our featured tuition centres offer unparalleled tuition programmes that develop and nurture each student. Tutors focus on the holistic development of students which in turn helps them to excel in their A level examinations. Each class imparts knowledge and application skills to students to prepare them for the examinations.  Along the way, tutors will also introduce useful tips to fight stress and manage time well. As such, given the availability of academic assistance extended to students, they can focus on doing their best to achieve their desired grades.