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Nurture prolific thinkers and writers

GP Tuition Singapore is a subject-specific learning portal that assists JC students in their preparation for the A Level General Paper (8807) examination. This portal offers a broad range of meaningful learning features that will engage, entertain and intrigue students as they explore the different facets of General Paper issues, like Science and Technology and Culture.

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General Paper Issues & Themes

Examining the crux of GP matters

The GP issues form the basis of studying General Paper as students will examine topics that are discussed by individuals, organizations, and governments. These issues are placed in specific themes, like Education and Social Media, to guide students through complex issues. Once a solid foundation is formed, students are expected to integrate their knowledge of multiple GP issues to answer essay and comprehension questions.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays on Education


The value of education has been debated by professionals, like academics and educators, given its widespread benefits on societies. Discover the distinctive impacts of education on developed and developing countries.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays on Science & Technology

Science & Technology

The pursuit of knowledge and improvements in technology have advanced the human civilization significantly, such as the prolongment of lifespan. Find out how science and technology may bring about such impacts on societies.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays on Social Media

Social Media

The advent of social media technology has redefined the way of life for many, like the communication and interaction processes. Explore the premise of social media platforms as a unifying or divisive force in this day and age.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays on Marriage


Marriage is viewed upon by many, particularly those who are traditional and conservative, as a sacred pact between individuals. Examine how modernization has shaped the perceptions of individuals towards marriage.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays on Cultures


Culture shapes and reinforces the identities of individuals who belong to different communities. Find out why some cultures are preserved, while others are subverted and assimilated by more dominant ones.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays on Youths


Youths help to create vibrant communities as their idealistic and energetic selves influence others to pursue aspirations. Learn how youths contribute to the development of modern societies, such as the rise of social activism.

GP Resources

Realise your study aims with our resources

GP Tuition Singapore features many resources that students can utilize to refine their study methods and augment their learning materials. We offer GP notes and essays for students to refer to throughout their preparation. Also, we provide elearning tools, like thematic discussion videos. With our comprehensive exam toolkit, students can devote their energies to practise questions.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes

GP Notes

Review your understanding of GP issues with the notes found on the learning portal. Students can revise their understanding of key definitions, factor identification, and impact evaluation.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essays

GP Essays

Revise for the examination by looking through the GP essays featured in the learning portal. The GP tutors have prepared former exam questions for students to emulate and learn.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP ELearning


Rekindle your passion for learning by using our eLearning features, like the online video discussion of GP issues. We provide practice questions to reinforce your conceptual understanding.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - A Level GP Syllabus

A Level GP Syllabus (8807)

Know the A Level General Paper (8807) examination requirements, which are listed in the learning portal. Our GP tutors will analyze the latest exam trends to identify critical areas of study.

GP Exam Skills Application

Boost your exam readiness with our skills-based learning

We make learning General Paper an effective and meaningful process through the development of exam skills for the GP essay and comprehension components. By separating into two distinctive skills, students can decompose their techniques and find out the crux of issues that hinder their thought and writing processes.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Essay Writing Skills

GP Essay Writing Skills

The mastery of GP essay writing is made possible through the cultivation of sharp and concise expression of arguments in an organized way. Students will learn how they can arrange their points and convince examiners that their standpoint is worth considering, thereby raising the quality of answers.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Comprehension Skills

GP Comprehension Skills

The development of GP comprehension skills is done in three parts: short answer questions, summary writing and application question (AQ). Students will learn how to paraphrase and conduct word substitution to improve their ability to put across ideas clearly without lifting from the passage.

JC General Paper Tuition

Pursue knowledge with our GP tuition

For students who are in need of additional practice and guidance, we offer GP tuition classes that are exam-oriented. These lessons will help students to established a strong foundation in General Paper with thematic discussions to promote opinionated and spontaneous thinking. Timed practices are conducted in class to raise the exam confidence of students. Our consistent revision programme will prepare students for the uncertainties of the tests.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - Class Schedule

Class Schedule

As students are pressed for time, the GP tutors offer multiple time-slots in the class schedule to allow students to select the appropriate day(s) to attend the regular GP tuition classes.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - Teaching Methodology


The GP tutors utilize unique teaching methodology, like the Sensible Minds methodology of, to stimulate the thinking abilities of students.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore - Best GP Tutors

GP Tutors

Consult the approachable GP tutors to find out the errors that can be rectified and avoided in subsequent practices. The tutors will review the performance of students.