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E Learning Portals

Strength in numbers

SGEducators is proud to be an extensive educational portal offering a wide network of level, subject and region specific portals. These portals link parents and students to renowned tuition services in Singapore and serves to be a key provider of educational information and materials. Our sites are split according to regions within Singapore, the different levels of education as well as examinable subjects. Our portals listed here are all part of an ever expanding list and they will ultimately include all areas of the tuition industry in Singapore.

SGEducators - eLearning Portals - By Level

By Level

Our learning portals are segregated into levels making it easier for students and parents to find what they need efficiently. Our learning portals are separated into primary, secondary and JC levels.

SGEducators - eLearning Portals - By Region

By Region

Learning portals are lastly, arranged by region, so that users can find the most convenient tuition centres around them. Each region features tuition centres who offer exceptional tuition programmes.

SGEducators - eLearning Portals - By Subject

By Subject

Our learning portals are also separated according to subjects so that students are able to locate their desired subject with ease. We have also ensured to provide comprehensive information on each subject as well.

Features of Our E-Learning Portals

Learning Made Simple

Our learning portals are a part of SGEducators and they offer a wide range of educational materials for students as well as parents so that students will be able to enhance their studying methods and parents will be able to keep up to date with changes.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - Elearning portals -Education News

Education News

Keep up to date with all the latest news and happenings pertaining to education here.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - Elearning portals -Notes & Resources

Notes & Resources

Find comprehensive study notes and resources online that will help students with their studies.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - Elearning portals -Tuition Centres

Tuition Centres

Gain access to the best tuition centres around Singapore who offer exceptional tuition programmes that will benefit all students.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - Elearning portals -E-Learning programmes

E-Learning programmes

E-Learning programmes are available on our platform to help supplement and enhance the learning experiences of students.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - Elearning portals -Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Our free mobile apps provide added convenience to students allowing them to learn anytime, anywhere.

SGEducators - Tuition Singapore - Elearning portals -Events and Activities

Events and Activities

SGEducators organises activities such as, excursions, seminars, social activities and more so that we add vibrancy student’s learning experiences

Level-Specific Portals

A reliable pillar of support in education

Level specific portals exist with the aim of providing students of all levels with information about the different tuition programmes sorted according to primary, secondary and JC. Under each level, students will be able to find everything that is related their current  level of education, ranging from tuition classes to extensive education materials.

SGEducators - Primary Tuition Singapore Logo

Primary Tuition Singapore

Primary Tuition Singapore provides students with access to top tuition centres offering primary tuition and news regarding the primary education scene, syllabus changes and examination strategies. Here at Primary Tuition Singapore, our tutors will lay the foundations necessary for students to excel in their primary education by equipping them with the relevant study techniques.

SGEducators - Secondary Tuition Singapore Logo

Secondary Tuition Singapore

Secondary Tuition Singapore is the all-encompassing portal that equips students with the skills and materials needed to overcome and excel the O level examinations. Over at Secondary Tuition Singapore, secondary school students will be able to choose from renowned tuition programmes that are headed by prominent tutors as well as obtain educational materials for their studies.

SGEducators - JC Tuition Singapore Logo

JC Tuition Singapore

Given the rigour of the JC curriculum, students sometimes find it hard to cope and that is why we have gathered together exceptional tuition centres and tuition programmes to help JC students in their educational journey. On top of that, we provide a wide variety of educational materials JC students can access to enhance their learning capabilities.

Region-Specific Portals

Learn at your convenience

Our region specific portals are formed with the main purpose of providing convenience to students. Through grouping only the best tuition centres on our region specific portals, students will be able to easily locate the best tuition centres around their area so that no time is wasted on travelling. Come take a look at our ever expanding list of regional portals.

SGEducators - Bishan Tuition Centres Singapore Logo

Bishan Tuition Centres

Bishan Tuition Centres is another one of our regional specific educational portals that featured top notch tuition centres from within the Bishan Ang Mo Kio area. This portal is dedicated to providing both students and parents with essential information regarding tuition programmes available.

SGEducators - Bukit Timah Tuition Centres Singapore Logo

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres is a part of our comprehensive educational portals. It gives students and parents unprecedented access to educational information regarding syllabus changes, educational materials and essential information on our featured tuition centres in the Bukit Timah region.

SGEducators - Tampines Tuition Centres Singapore Logo

Tampines Tuition Centres

Tampines tuition centres is one of our region specific education portal that links all the renowned tuition centres around the Tampines, Bedok, Simei and Pasir Ris area. These featured tuition centres are headed by experienced tutors who have with them years of experience.

Subject-Specific Portals

Master every subject

Subject specific portals allow students and parents to have access to detailed information with regards to each subject, and this corresponds to the different levels, primary, secondary and JC. Through each subject specific portal students will be able to find the best tuition centres offering tuition for that particular subject as well as materials relating to that subject.

SGEducators - GP Tuition Singapore Logo

GP Tuition Singapore

GP tuition Singapore aims to cultivate in every student, a sensible mind through exposing them to a variety of global and issues on top of GP content. Students will be introduced to fresh new perspectives and will be taught to formulate coherent arguments for use in GP. Tutors from GP tuition Singapore have been known to be one of the best in their fields and in the industry and will help to ensure that each student is more than sufficiently prepared for the subject when it comes to their examinations.