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Enrol in our 2021 programmes and let our tutors guide you through your revision. We broaden your mindsets and refine your application skills, such that you will be ready to tackle basic and complex questions at the upcoming examinations.

Primary Tuition

Revise and improve your knowledge application skills.

SGEducators offers primary 3 to 6 tuition for English, Math, Science and Chinese. These classes are either held online or the tuition centre in Bedok Central. 

Primary English

Learn how to answer different sections, like the Cloze Passage, Editing, Comprehension for Paper 2 as well as Composition and Situational Writing for Paper 1.

Primary Math

We will focus on heuritics aspects and problem sums through guided class practices and discussion. Learn how to use different answering methods to solve Math questions.

Primary Science

Learn the key concepts and answering techniques to tackle structured questions. Practices include real-life applications and experiments to show how these concepts are used.



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Secondary Tuition

Secondary Tuition at Bedok Central

We provide Secondary 1 to 5 Tuition to prepare students for school, GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level examinations. Subjects include English, E Math, A Math, Lower Secondary Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Combined Science and Humanities (Social Studies/Geography/History).

JC Tuition

Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

SGEducators conducts JC Tuition programmes, particulary, JC Math Tuition (H1 and H2) and JC History Tuition (H1 and H2) to prepare students for the school and GCE ‘A’ Level examinations. Classes feature topical re-teaching, thematic discussion and answering skills development.

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