In modern tech-savvy Singapore, every student, every child, every college student uses innovative gadgets today. While students may use mobile applications for entertainment, or to exercise with the latest Pokemon Go Craze, they may use it for studying as well. While there are a plethora of mobile applications on both Apple and Google Play store with useful academic content for college students, it might be difficult to find a suitable app specifically for education in Singapore. There are mobile apps that help to organise study materials, schedule time tables, read academic papers or learn a new subject in preparation for university. We have curated 10 of them here.

Best App for Organising your Study Materials

Drop Box

A tool not just for working adults, JC students will find Dropbox useful to keep your notes and coursework! Thanks to Dropbox, you have a chance to upload different file types(documents, photos, videos) in the cloud and get them online whenever you need while on the go! Store your files in Dropbox, and share them with friends without any fear of losing important and useful data. With the (annual?) Dropbox Space Race and Campus Cup, there’s an added incentive for students and their school mates to use dropbox as the tool for organising study materials!


Best App For Keeping Notes


Got an important point you need to refer to about the determinants of Demand and Supply? Or a quick idea you just had on how to tackle that general paper essay you need to hand up next week but you’re catching pokemon at Ion Orchard? Use EverNote, to create a project to-do list,  jot down a reminder or to write your notes. Once you make a note, it’s accessible wherever you go, forever. Now, you can finally go out in peace to catch that Gyrados at Hougang Block 401 (really, we’re that obsessed with Pokemon too!)


Best App For General Paper

GP Studies

We are not bragging about our own app here but GP Studies from is useful for preparing for your GCE ‘A’ Level General Paper Examinations. GP Studies is done on a topical and thematic basis and it includes notes, essays and MCQs. Users can also access more articles on writing skills and language development through their blog. Improve your general knowledge and writing skills proficiency with this free app.


Best App For Economics

Econs Studies

Econs studies is another one of our app produced by Mobile Learners that JC students will find it useful for their GCE ‘A’ Level Economics H1 and H2 Examinations. Just like GP Studies, you’ll find a comprehensive overview that helps you understand basic economic principles and sample essays that will guide you in improving your essay writing skills. In addition, apply that knowledge you’ve just learn through multiple choice questions in the app itself. More updated articles can be found on their blog, they are also a regular contributor on SGEducators!


Best App For Connecting to Tutors


If you are reading this article on a desktop/laptop browser, SGEducators has a mobile application that links you to the best tutors in Singapore. Just like on our site, SGEducators app is a educational news-based mobile application that give you tips in tackling and scoring for your essays or examinations, picking a good tutoring programme, or understanding issues like Media and its impact on privacy and many up-to-date articles all in one app. These articles are provided by a team of professional tutors who are experts in these subjects. Get your siblings to use this app too!


Getting well-informed on what’s happening locally and abroad is essential when you are studying for General Paper, Economics


Best App For Reading Local News


While Straits Times might be the most read newspaper in Singapore, Today has a news application that provides Free content to users. Getting well-informed on what’s happening locally and abroad is essential when you are studying for General Paper, Economics etc. The comment and analysis section is highly relevant for getting expert’s perspective of current events and you may use the same approach in your General Paper Essays.


Best App For Improving Vocabulary

Expanding your vocabulary in English not only helps you in your General Paper subject, it also helps you in mastering the language itself. Besides looking out meanings of words you came across or finding similar words in the Thesaurus, provides a mobile application that pushes the ‘Word of the Day‘ to your phone every morning hence introducing you to a new word to add to your vocabulary. Users can also find the current trending word in the community to find out what others are searching for.


Best App For Keeping Projects on Track


An app that is used mostly by working adults in keeping track of project schedules, Meistertask mobile application can be useful for tech-savvy college students too. The free app allows fun and easy collaboration between team mates with their useful dashboard. Students can pin ideas on it and get discussions started, or share google docs, images on the app so you know where you kept important project documents. Various tasks can be assigned to specific team mates so that the app will remind them to keep to the schedule. A user can also create multiple projects hence they can use it for note-taking, mind-mapping etc. for their own assignments and mini-projects. Now project work can be more fuzz free!


Best App For Students in Bishan

Bishan Tuition Centres

While learning online is useful, one might need to engage a tutor to guide you in a particular subject. Students from schools in Bishan, such as Raffles Junior College or in the periphery neighbourhoods like Nanyang JC, Catholic JC, Serangoon JC, Anderson JC, Yishun JC etc, will find this app useful in sourcing for the best tuition centres in Bishan. Get connected to Economicsfocus,, and many others from the app. You’ll be able to find comprehensive reviews about the tuition centres and the various subjects they offer. If you have younger siblings, the app also lists tuition centres offering Primary and Secondary programmes.


Best App For Preparing for University


While the ultimate aim of taking an A level examination is to get to a top university, you can now access free educational courses from local universities like NUS and NTU or leading colleges like University of London or Yale University on the Coursera app. Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) is all the rage now, with many companies now recognising certifications of these courses alongside your conventional degree. While these certification requires a payment, the courses itself are free. However we do not recommend neglecting your current examinations for higher level courses in University, but the app may cover existing topics that will give you a much more in-depth knowledge about subjects you are taking. This app will also come in handy when you are waiting for your A level results. Now, get learning.


We have rounded up 10 useful apps for tech-savvy JC students. Be sure to download and try them out today!